Back Off In #Haiku. 11/7/14.



New Chelmsford sidewalk.
DPW did great.
Very much needed.

Cultural exchange.
Lowell got German teachers.
That was really cool.

The country is strong.
Unemployment down and all.
How’d those d-bags win?

Chelmsford school board.
Totally outa control.
Change starts with the leaves.

Billerica State Rep
Leaves his name on truck year round.
Elections are gone.

Sound Off

Fat guy stabbed someone.
Why is his weight important?
Was it a steak knife?

Baker cuts taxes.
But only for the wealthy.
Poor right shot their feet.

Coakly sore loser.
The worst since Al freakin’ Gore.
[Six year amnesia]

Everett Casino.
Site loaded with pollutants.
Massholes can keep it.

Scott Brown and LePage?
Good luck to Maine in ’16.
Hearts go out to you.

People hate The Prez.
That’s what this election proved.
Reverse the damage.

Andover voting.
Polls opened at 6 a.m.
Much appreciated.

Fishing regs are good.
Not a big fan of Big Gov.
But fishers are dumb.

Take those damn signs down.
No one wants to see Brown’s face.
Part of why he lost.

Folks don’t vote for signs.
In fact we vote against them.
Beggars don’t get laid.

Back Off in #Haiku. 9/19/14.



Ethnic groups help best.
We need their help with the gangs.
Grant money arrived.

UML resort.
No need to leave the campus.
Wealth remains unspread.

Everett casino.
Not the greatest idea.
Ugliness of vice.

Fight for bottle bill.
Make the streets even cleaner.
That’s not Gatorade.

Not all shows are good.
The Aud must understand this.
I will not sit down.

Hannaford workers.
Shipped in from other places.
Costs rose to cover.

No Sound Off today.

Daredevil to leap out of plane….Handcuffed….in a coffin!?!

 Anthony Martin

Take this Nik Wallenda!  What’s the Vegas odds on this kook doing his best impression of spit hitting the sidewalk later on today?

“On Tuesday, Martin will lay inside a plywood box with his hands cuffed to a belt around his waist and his right arm chained to the inside of the box. The casket’s door will then be held tight with a prison door lock for which no key exists; a locksmith scrambled the tumblers.

The box will be rolled out of the plane – a Short SC.7 Skyvan – at about 14,500 feet. Two skydivers will stabilize the box by holding handles on the side, while a drogue similar to the parachutes used to slow drag-racing cars and fighter jets will further steady it from the top as Martin picks the locks. He expects to be free and tracking away at around 7,000 feet after about 40 seconds of free fall, and plans to land on a farm in Serena, 70 miles southwest of Chicago.”

Of course he’s landing 70 miles outside of Chi-raq, can you imagine pulling off this stunt only to get shot by some gangbanger for wearing the wrong color jumpsuit?