This just in: Russians are still zany.

Vincent Van Gogh

Everyone knows that too much drinking can cause Christmas parties to go wrong. But few can have imagined the bloody outcome of a recent festive drinking binge in Siberia.

Police in the remote region said on Friday that they are struggling to work out whether self mutilation constitutes a crime after two men cut their own ears off in an arm wrestling match.


How much vodka would you need to cut your own ear off?  A whole bottle?  Two?  I mean OK guy has a gun to my wifes head and it’s cut my ear off or she dies where’s the knife?  But to lose a bet and then say “Oh shucks, I lost let me cut my ears off?”  Seriously Russians are freaking zany.  Full story here.

This Guy’s a Dick. (YouTube Gold Sorta NSFW)

See what I did there?  Can you imagine the amusement/outrage if this happened to [insert lying scumbag politician you may or may not like here]?  Whichever zany Russian came up with this one doesn’t deserve a one way trip to the gulag, he deserves the key to the city.  Outstanding.