Mark’s Least Favorite Christmas Song of All Time

Not a fan of Patton Oswalt for the most part, but his take on New Song’s “Christmas Shoes” is spot on.  Seriously one of the most depressing songs going.  Merry Christmas!  Here’s a song about a Mom dying of cancer!!! 


Bully KO’s Herself made my Day (YouTube Gold)

If you have a video of a bully getting KO’ed, please send it my way so I can post it.  I LOVE watching videos like that.  This chick decides she’s gonna sucker punch or in this case sucker grabthechickshairfrombehind and then proceeds to bullrush her and trip herself and then pull off the always tricky skull to car door then concrete combo.  Always a crowd pleaser. 

Now starting this Sunday against your New England Patriots….

Is this kid serious?  He’s the all time touchdown leader in college football with 157 albeit in division 3.  But still, 157 is 157.  Only problem for garbage can boy is this- Chandler Jones and the rest of the defense is coming for him on Sunday provided Brandon Weeden isn’t cleared for Sunday’s game against the Pats.  Oh and the amount of NFL snaps this kid has seen?  Zero.  Pats roll to victory on Sunday.  No doubt.  Book it.