Back Off in #Haiku. 2/9/15-2/14/15


(SoFC file photo)

Backtalk: Monday. 2/9/2015

Billerica Center.
Simolaris was to blame.
Now attacking schools.

City sent letters.
Telling us to clear sidewalks.
Public ones untouched.

Streets become wider.
Glad to see that happening.
Not much else to say.

Business ownership.
All OT and no bennies.
Better off bagging.

Lowell should use sand.
But we just can’t afford it.
Blame social programs.

Lucas is hacky.
“Benghazi” and “Cherokee.”
Formulaic hate.

Israel’s president.
Crimes against humanity.
Charges should be pressed.

Sound Off. 2/9/15.

I helped someone out.
You might want to do the same.
Really does feel good.

Pat’s fans hypocrites.
Still cry about Giant’s wins.
YOU get over it.

Timberlane meeting.
Limited rebuttal time.
Questions unanswered.

Says the schools are looking good.
Most would disagree.

Screw your sidewalk fines.
Make the plowers do their job.
Light snow falls softly.

Sound Off. Tuesday. 2/10/15

Pro death penalty.
Just makes economic sense.
‘specially for kids.

Crusades were just.
Obama supports Islam.
Enough with Iran.

Baker’s mixed cabinet.
I’m an older democrat.
I think he did fine.

Liberal media.
Don’t provide any context.
Many things happen.

Don’t change in public.
And keep an eye on your watch.
Purses get stolen.

Backtalk. 2/10/15.

Don’t send me letters.
Just help me with the damn snow.
Help out your elders.

I’m 77.
Plows push back all that I move.
Assistance required.

Radio Shack gone.
Great sorrow fills many hearts.
Their prices were good.

Penultimate play.
An unexpected movement.
A jump or a push?

Sound Off. Wednesday. 2/11/15.

Barb’ra Anderson.
Right wing paranoid rambling.
Batshit A.D.D.

Oughta be a law.
Can’t drive during driving ban.
Penalties and shit.

Snow flies from car roofs.
Dangerous and illegal.
[also don’t tailgate].

That Mr. Campbell.
Condescending doo doo head.
We’ve studied this shit.

Blaming illegals.
They’re the reason for measles.
Not anti vaxxers.

Backtalk: 2/11/2015

Pulpits live in fear.
Political correctness.
Like The Prez wanted.

We need Pete Lucas.
Never forget Benghazi.
Value honesty.

That guy thinks he’s right.
Keeps removing managers.
The problem is him.

Electric bill up.
Seniors need a stop to this.
Must not continue.

Sound Off. Thursday, 2/12/15.

Montana’s better.
Won all his games easily.
Kickers won for Tom.

Brian Williams lied.
Sorry to hear about that.
Others did the same.

Need senior housing.
I know a great place for it.
Don’t know who owns it.

Climate change is true.
But is it reversible?
Can’t unring a bell.

Timberlane meeting.
Education supporters.
Present and vocal.

Obama’s a wuss.
King Abdullah kicked some ass.
Praise that Muslim king.

Backtalk: 2/12/2015

Lowell adult ed.
Great program with great people.
Well deserved credit.

Snowblowers aimed wrong.
Throwing it back into streets.
Roads remain covered.

Delay school instead.
No need to fully cancel.
Only Lowell does this.

Local snow totals.
Billerica was unmentioned.
Concord reads The Sun?

Senior citizens:
Through chill the pills for our ills.
Living to pay bills.

Backtalk. Friday the 13th.

Snow distribution.
Some folks have to shovel more.
Blaming The City.

Winter tailgating.
Speeding down half-plowed highways.
Relax and you’ll live.

Tennis Plaza Road.
Sixty units are leaking.
Winter came fiercely.

Enforce parking bans.
Otherwise they mean nothing.
Streets are all crowded.

Backtalk: 2/14/2015. Saturday.

Cars are parked poorly.
On both sides and near corners.
Towing should occur.

Dave Conway’s letter.
Patted ev’ryone on the back.
Never said ’bout what.

National Grid guys.
Awesome job clearing Worthen.
Thank you all for that.

MBTA boss.
Took the fall due to gender.
Clearly Baker’s fault.

Make the poor shovel.
Why should seniors deal with this?
Earn your welfare check.