Village Smokehouse blames Lowell for serving the youth.

This is barbecue:

This is barbecue in Lowell:

Lowell Sun
LOWELL — The License Commission Thursday suspended the alcoholic-beverage license of The Village Smokehouse for 21 days for serving alcohol to a minor and for the presence of drug residue found in the basement of the Middle Street establishment by police during an April 25 compliance check.

Hey Village Smokehouse, Do you hear that? That’s the sound of Smokey Bones asking if you if know where your jock is? Serving under-agers Whiskey Sours to balance the books doesn’t mean there’s holes in your protocol, it means your Barbecue sucks. It has since day one. Feel free to blame the economy. By all means, tell your friends that “downtown Lowell sucks,” if that makes you feel better. But we’ll know the truth…your Barbecue is shit and Evo’s was better.