Deer chillin’ in Nara, Japan

As I said this morning with Teddy Panos on WCAP Why must we eat the animals?  Because they delicious silly!  Can you imagine all the car accidents if this horde of deer was running around downtown Lowell?  Oh and here’s the Durgin Park prime rib-

I would just pick that thing up and eat it like a drum stick.  Look at that vegans.  That is your kryptonite!!!!

Why Must we Eat the Animals? (YouTube Gold)

Because they’re tasty you silly vegan bitch!   Plus if we didn’t some other animal would.  It’s not like the animals won’t die at some point.  I like not being hungry.  I love when white Rastas who must stink of pachuli tell me what I should be doing and eating.  Outstanding. 

Eric Holthaus is bat shit.

bat cave animals wrong neighborhood fucker funny pics pictures pic picture image photo images photos lol

So evidently Eric Holthaus is bidding adieu to the friendly skies after reading The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) latest report.  But that doesn’t make him bat shit.  The fact that this beta male broke down in tears in an airport before boarding his last flight doesn’t make him bat shit.  The fact that he lives in Wisconsin and will never again go anywhere warm in the dead of winter because of his self imposed embargo on flying doesn’t even make him bat shit.  What does make him bat shit?  This guy’s thinking of getting a vasectomy to save the planet.  Continue reading