We’re giving this MyFace thing a try…


Something in my gut tells me that this Facebook platform is going to be the next big thing.  Like “take the world by storm” type of “next big thing.” We’re the type of chaps that like to be out in front of these types of things.

Go ahead and give us a little clickaroo and Ned promises a signed Grapes Mercier photoshop for your troubles.

Mustache Monday

Can’t let a Monday go without making it a Mustache Monday. As we head to the home stretch, Mark checks in today with a complaint of itchiness. I suppose it could be the length, but my guess is hygiene. Most Centraville kids I know only know a bar of soap as an oral deterrent after dropping f’bombs in front of their moms.


As for myself, well let’s just say it takes a little sophistication to take the “creep” out of this lip sweater. I do Movember the only way a Belvideresman knows how.