Back Off in #Haiku. 10/13/14.



Sidewalk bicyclists.
Scaring away foot traffic.
Rita please save us.

Chelmsford school layoffs.
Money went to grief counselors.
A bunch of babies.

Supportive stalker.
Let me know my tire was flat.
She followed me home.

Rep. Colleen Garry.
Got us the Tyngsboro Bridge.
The Rourke is due now.

  The Sun’s editor:
   Garry doesn’t rep Lowell.
   Can’t help with the Rourke.

Sound Off

Public meetings planned.
Complainers never attend.
Bitch and moan after.

Small raise for working.
Taxes go up just as fast.
Property owns me.

Low electric rates.
What they offer on the phone.
Prob’ly a scam.

Praise Doctor Malone.
Did a lot for MCAS scores.
Went unrecognized.

Spanish-speaking help.
Just don’t belong in New Hampsire.
Milkshake unpurchased.