Scary Weekend for the Chiefs

Chad Ruhwedel (UML - 3), Mike Moran (BU - 11), Ryan Santana (BU - 15), Zack Kamrass (UML - 27), Connor Hellebuyck (UML - 37), Riley Wetmore (UML - 16)

…if it were 1992. Running the Maine, BU weekend gauntlet isn’t quite what it used to be. Paul Kariya is not walking through that door. Things have gotten so bleak on Comm Ave that the Sasquatch actually got his back waxed. Regardless, It’s still 4 crucial HockeyEast points.

MLK had a dream…and in it the Chiefs were potting goals in bunches, and you were potting arena drafts and Dipping Dots.  You probably want to be there.