I’m with you Mike…

Puck Daddy

Milbury called Scott a “predator” and that he doesn’t belong in the NHL. He also demanded that coach Ron Rolston be fired for playing Scott at all.

He said the talk in Buffalo is that Rolston is “in over his head” as an NHL coach.

“I’ll tell you right now, he’s way over his head. In fact he’s drowning. It’s a bush league play by a coach that doesn’t know any better and doesn’t enough experience in the league and shouldn’t be afforded another game. Not one.”

Milburry is right….though it should be Buffalo that is getting kicked out of the league…not just Scott. They just keep giving paychecks to the Kaletta’s and Scott’s of the world and take no responsibility for the carnage they inflict. Steve Ott? Please. Yet when its Ryan Miller getting grazed by Lucic, they do everything but get Jessie Jackson involved as a crime against humanity. That franchise is a disgrace. That city is a disgrace. They deserve everything from Scott Norwood to the shitty winters.