Back Off in #Haiku. 9/27/14.


Sound Off

Trash barrels with wheels.
Haverhill now switching over.
Change will kill them all.

Jim Fiorentini.
Doing whatever he wants.
Out of touch mayor.

Fanatics are fine.
Some just pray and starve themselves.
Not all are violent.

“Lawrence is our town.”
-Ex-Prez of Dominicans.
They’re taking over.


Treeless riverbank.
That will weaken the highway.
Eroded designs.

Fletcher Street rush hour.
Much worse with the improvements.
Lightbulbs should go off.

Help me with detours.
Detail cops are all clueless.
Signs would be useful.

Not brought in by immigrants.
You stupid bigot.

[Mark Wahlberg story]
[Guess not the high-5/Kraft thing]
[I have no clue here]

Talking in circles.
About the circles we’re in.
Make voters dizzy.