Thank You Mr. President!



I know some of my more conservative friends will say “glad to see the President weigh in on Breed Specific Legislation since the economy and terrorism is solved.”  Which is a solid point doesn’t Barrack have bigger fish to fry?  Yup.  But I must admit I’m amused that he and I agree on something. 

“…Obama came out against breed-specific legislation — regulations that restrict ownership of dogs of certain breeds, with pit bulls the most commonly targeted. “Breed-Specific Legislation Is a Bad Idea” is how the White House’s official response to an anti-BSL petition begins.”  Full article here.

I could have been Chris Lane

If the President “could have been Trayvon Martin” 35 years ago, I could have been and still could be Chris Lane.  I’m not from Australia, and I don’t play baseball.  But I am white and I do go for runs.  So do I have to worry about a bunch of thugs picking me out on a run to shoot “for fun” or for a gang initiation?  Or was this racially motivated?  It’s good I don’t live my life in fear like that.  Also good to know that the alleged “Rev.” Jesse Jackson “frowns upon” this type of violence though.  I know I’ll sleep better tonight knowing what he thinks.  No word on any “Justice for Chris” rallies either of the good Reverends Sharpton or Jackson will be planning this week though.   

Which leads me to these final points for this blog- If one guy killing another guy in Florida is cause to examine our national conscience, what is this?  Or several of those per weekend in Chicago?  Moreover why isn’t the national media covering this like they did Trayvon Martin?  Where’s the Obama statement on this case?  Why isn’t Al Sharpton leading his nightly buffoonery on msnbc with this story?  Why does one murder  (set aside that Zimmerman was found not guilty for a moment) matter any more than the next?  Why does the media latch on to Kaylee Anthony, Trayvon Martin, or any other one more so than any of the over 500 kids that have been killed in Chicago alone this year?  By the way Guns are illegal there.  Someone should tell the criminals that.  The media in our country stinks on ice.