Obama bets cases of beer with Canada’s Prime Minster over hockey games


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The United States and Canada are on the proverbial collision course on the hockey rink in both the men’s and women’s divisions. And since the world would probably look unfavorably on the U.S. invading Canada, the leaders of both nations have resorted to a more sporting form of settling disputes: a gentleman’s wager.

President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Steven Harper have bet a case of beer on each game. “For a very brief period of time, I may not feel as warm towards Canadians as I normally do, at least until those matches are over,” Obama told Harper while both were at a leaders’ meeting in Mexico on Thursday.

The leaders announced the bet on Twitter:

.@pmharper and I bet on the women’s and men’s US-Canada hockey games. Winner gets a case of beer for each game. #GoTeamUSA! -bo

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) February 20, 2014

I’m betting @barackobama one case of Canadian beer per hockey game this week. #teamusa is good, but #WeAreWinter. #GoCanadaGo @WhiteHouse

— Stephen Harper (@pmharper) February 20, 2014

Everyone in Canada reading this article: “Only two cases of beer, eh? What the fuck are we supposed to do with two cases of beer?”

SOFC Olympics Midweek Update: Not From Sochi

We’re just about up to our necks in Olympics now…assuming you haven’t figured out that the Olympics were actually held a month ago and NBC is carefully tape delaying the shit out of us.  Since I don’t operate on Russian time, I’m going to throw this one back out to our Sochi correspondent, Alysha Lynch for the latest through the midweek:

If you missed previous updates.

Alysha’s Best Moments through the mid-week:

Sochi eyes

1.       Bob Costas being replaced by Matt Laurer:  Sorry Bob, but your run as the longest Olympic host since the Olympics moved to NBC is over.  We know this isn’t permanent but maybe this will teach you a “life lesson” next time when you decide to wash your face with not so clear looking water.  Your parting moments with Mary Carillo were pretty funny, taking shots of Russian vodka on tv like you didn’t give a fuck when really you were dying on the inside knowing NBC’s golden boy Matty L was on his way in to start practicing his lines.    And so far I must say Matt is a breath of fresh air, I feel like he is taking his reporting to a whole other level.  So take your time healing Bob, we don’t want to see you back until your eyes are normal color and you aren’t wearing those silly glasses anymore!

Editors note: If you don’t believe Matt Laurer wasn’t farting on Bob’s pillows, I don’t want to know you. Continue reading

If Obama were really an American…

…he’d sign an executive order declaring all bars open for Saturday’s puck drop against the Red Army.  As it stands right now, he’s probably shuffling around the White House in his Tretiak jersey.

So far, I have an unofficial confirmation that Whipple will not be open.  Any other Lowell bars planning to get your Kegs’n Eggs on while our Hockey team rips the heart of the Soviet soul…let us know.  sonsoffrankycabot@gmail.com


SOFC Olympics Update: Not From Sochi

The throes of the Olympic Games are upon us.  And since my interest peaked when Barbados bested Bermuda by adding flip flops to their opening ceremony ensemble, we thought it would be best to assign our Olympic CouchPress Credential to someone who has a real grasp on what the Olympics are, and what this ancient athletic fiesta is all about.  Covering the Olympics for SOFC will be Alysha Lynch, curator and captain of WickedMuddy.com.  Mud Racing at this point has more merit as an Olympic event than most of this nonsense anyway….

Alysha on the BEST moments so far in the Olympics:


1.       Skiathlon coverage:  I don’t even know the guys name that is doing the coverage for NBC but give that guy an Oscar for his enthusiasm for a sport that is as boring as watching paint dry.   I found myself getting excited watching the men trying to beat out one another on skis to get better positioning and worrying if the US guy was ok when he got tripped by another athlete.  And then they threw in a news piece about one of Norway’s rising stars in the sport of skiathlon, I was ready to order my Norway gear to show my support! Continue reading

Did Ralph do it again or did Ralph do it again!

Zach Parise
Look at these high fashion nukes we’re sending over to Russia. I’m not going to lie, I had a little movement in the pants when I saw this get up. I’m pretty sure it was the outfit, but it may also have been Zach Parise in the outfit. Either way, your move Putin.

PS. I’m pretty sure Canada already pulled once they saw these things.