Bruins Raise Season Ticket Prices…a shit ton.

Ganked from Masshole Sports I suppose.

Ganked from Masshole Sports I suppose.

We’re a long way from free meatballs.

Leave it to the Bruins. The team returns to the NHL schedule Wednesday night in Buffalo, Boston’s first game since Feb. 8’s 7-2 thrashing of Ottawa, but rather than dreaming of Black and Gold over the thought of watching Olympians Zdeno Chara, Patrice Bergeron, and Loui Eriksson play together for the first time in nearly three weeks, a certain segment of Bruins season-ticket holders are seeing red.

The hammer dropped Tuesday in regards to what Bruins faithful can expect to shell out in season ticket funds next season, and the news came with more angst than seeing Blake Wheeler cradle the puck. Based on reports from season-ticket holders, prices will increase anywhere from 17 to 44 percent next season, likely pricing many fans out for the tickets, which currently boast a waiting list.

“To be candid, we experienced some years here where we didn’t really have all that much goodwill,” Jacobs after the lockout ended last year. “It took a long time to build up that equity, if you will, of goodwill. I feel it’s still there in this market, and I’ve actually experienced it firsthand.”

-Jeremy Fucking Jacobs

The problem with loving the Bruins is the fine print in the contract that allows Jeremy Jacobs to declare primae noctis on your paychecks.  We all know the deal going in.  No matter what kind of success the team has, it will always taste slightly off as long as JJ’s cutting the paychecks.

Geeky Chair Mat: NHL ’94

If this isn’t under my tree this year, I’m disowning Santa, reindeer, friends, relatives, wives and kids. And just in case you were wondering, aka “should” be wondering…I want Steve Larmer.

(Note to my wife…Steve Larmer is 28 R. Love you, hun.)

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There are really no geeky chair mats available right now (I can’t find any), but if I had my way there would be one based on the star player icon from NHL ’94. This could also apply to other 16-bit sport series made by EA back in the day, like Madden or Bulls Vs. Lakers.

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The Tyler Seguin Marketing Campaign is off to a flying start.


I guess the good news for Tyler and the Dallas Stars is that Steers generally don’t buy season ticket packages, and most B’s fans will tell you that all “queers” root for the Canadiens.

All kidding aside, the NHL is ahead of the curve in actively striving to move itself out from under the cloud of homophobia that shadows professional sports. Sadly, this is this is just another program that Seguin hasn’t seemed to include in his schedule of priorities.