This guy is a COMPLETE Momo (YouTube Gold)

Lemme axe you sumtin’ Johnathan, are you aware you’re going to lose your “free spot” permanently really soon?  That lot is in the process of being transferred to the city as a part of the Hamilton canal project.  You’re not supposed to be parking there overnight anyway.  It’s a free visitors lot for people VISITING the National Park, not  people who live at 256 Market Street.  I hope the Lowell Police see this and tow his truck over the weekend.  Oh and nothing limits your earning potential to Mcminimum wage quite like double neck tattoos. 

Thanks to Teddy Panos and WCAP listener Kathleen from Lowell for sending this gem along. 

Pittsburgh Pirates fans being dummies

If you listen to weei the old bit was that if the Red Sox lost in the playoffs fans would line up on the Tobin bridge to jump off out of depression that the Sox blew it.  Again.  Not in Pittsburgh though.  These momos are so fired up about winning a play in-game that they’re ACTUALLY jumping off bridges.  Seriously.  I know the last time the Pirates were in the playoffs was the tail end of Bush 41’s administration but seriously guys act like you’ve been there before.  Your team made the playoffs.  Big deal.  But then again being classless comes natural for the mouth breathers from the ‘burgh.  They even took some swings on Mat Latos’ wife at the game last night.  Klassy.   I mean it WAS an away game right?  What did she expect?  To be treated with a modicum of respect?  In Pittsburgh?  I know asking an awful lot.

That little gem is being worn to Steelers home games like you read about.  Who could have predicted Aaron Hernandez was a criminal mastermind wannabe thug?  At least the Pats cut him before he even hit his holding cell.  Oh and didn’t your current QB rape a chick in a bathroom stall?  Go Cardinals.