Busy Thursday?!?!


Friend of the blog and author Donna Lethal is making her triumphant return to Lowell this week for a limited visit before heading back home to Los Angeles.  Thursday night at 7pm at Zeitgeist she’ll be doing a reading from her book “Milk of Amensia” which is all about growing up back in the 70’s and 80’s in the Mill City.

We are baaack!!!

…And we’re back. Just like that. The comeback of all comebacks. Don Henley, the casts of the Hangover, Ocean’s whatever, and all the Fockers no doubt read the title of this blog and are now frozen in a state of catatonic disappointment.

We our pleased to announce our return to the Lowell blog scene. Shit’s been stale around here lately.  Self importance, pie charts, graphs, poetry, talking about a dude who’s been dead for 50 years, Yeah…all riveting stuff guys. Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wives cause the band’s back together. Kinda like KISS. Paul and Gene and two other random dudes. ‘Cept we don’t have the other dudes yet. Who cares. We’re back baby!!