SOFC Olympics Update: Not From Sochi

The throes of the Olympic Games are upon us.  And since my interest peaked when Barbados bested Bermuda by adding flip flops to their opening ceremony ensemble, we thought it would be best to assign our Olympic CouchPress Credential to someone who has a real grasp on what the Olympics are, and what this ancient athletic fiesta is all about.  Covering the Olympics for SOFC will be Alysha Lynch, curator and captain of  Mud Racing at this point has more merit as an Olympic event than most of this nonsense anyway….

Alysha on the BEST moments so far in the Olympics:


1.       Skiathlon coverage:  I don’t even know the guys name that is doing the coverage for NBC but give that guy an Oscar for his enthusiasm for a sport that is as boring as watching paint dry.   I found myself getting excited watching the men trying to beat out one another on skis to get better positioning and worrying if the US guy was ok when he got tripped by another athlete.  And then they threw in a news piece about one of Norway’s rising stars in the sport of skiathlon, I was ready to order my Norway gear to show my support! Continue reading

Can I Be Frank?: Marital Diss

Speak freely….no wait!


Have you ever noticed how behaved and polite you are to your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/partner in the presence of company?  When it comes to disagreements or differing opinions with a loved one, society has taught us to always maintain a level of respect and dignity when others are around; even if we have a strong inclination to speak out.  Men and women alike do not like to be publically embarrassed by their respective counterpart, even if they deserve it.  Whether you are at dinner with friends, a company party or your child’s school play, calling out your ‘better half’ with others in ear shot is a recipe for sure domestic disaster.


Of course you do, but your pants are on fire if you did not totally want to say otherwise.

Onward, how many times has your blood boiled about something your better half did or said and you have bit your tongue for the sake of social harmony?  Well, here is a breakout of what I think you guys and gals would really have liked to express when “this” happened.

SETTING: Holiday Party

STATEMENT: “Sorry we are late but Jimmy insisted he didn’t need directions.  I kept telling him it was the wrong way, but he wouldn’t listen!”

ACCEPTABLE RESPONSE: (polite head nod of acceptance), “Haha, I know, hon. I could have sworn it just off Route 66.  Should have listened to you.”

DESIRED RESPONSE: “I should have kicked you out of the car when I broke the speed limit you so delicately reminded me I was breaking.  If you weren’t babbling incoherently in my ear for the entire ride asking ‘if you look fat in those jeans?’ I wouldn’t have missed the turn.  By the way, yes you do.”

Here we see an all time classic.  A Man’s natural instinct is to track/hunt/discover without the aid of others, including his lady.

Continue reading

Coaches Corner…Featuring City Legend Grapes Mercier: Mayoral Portraits


 ““That picture is a beautiful picture. It just doesn’t fit in this setting. It belongs on his mantel in his home. It’s not a reality show, ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians.’ It’s not about turning your back to the public. It’s supposed to be about the person chosen to lead the City Council leading in a dignified way. Although there are no official rules in place, it’s a given.” – Coach Grapes Mercier


On Next Week’s episode of Coaches Corner, Grapes discusses the potential of German Cow farts knocking artwork of the walls at city hall.