Back Off in #Haiku. 11/4/14



Mayor don’t matter.
Sorry about Menino.
But stop wasting ink.

UML hockey.
Winter version of Spinners.
Fun cheap fam’ly night.

5th grade football team.
Tewksbury undefeated.
Role models for all.

Maine’s Ebola nurse.
No respect for hysteria.
What a selfish bitch.

Sound Off

Plowers want a raise.
Buried hydrants and broke stuff.
No reward is earned.

New Hampshire Bruins.
Was really gonna happen.
City shot it down.

Maine Ebola nurse.
Very inconsiderate.
Most nurses don’t suck.

Heroin O.D.
Proof that we need to ban pot.
Just take some Advil.

Timberlane School Board
Green has a bad attitude.
Always butting heads.

Rename Boston’s bridge.
From “Zakim” to “Menino.”
Or another one.

Voting against calls.
The more a party calls me.
The more it costs them.

Back Off in #Haiku. 11/1/14.



Kids struck by Bahou.
Clearly deserved to get hit.
Maybe now they’ll learn.

Drunk cops get away.
Why can’t we all just drive drunk?
Fairness is lacking.

Triple A votes ‘no.”
Want gas taxes to go up.
Road repairs are cheap.

Cop with D.U.I.
Gets to walk away freely.
Don’t give him a car.

Mayor Menino.
Loss felt well beyond Boston.
Beautiful person.

Mayor Menino.
Best guy Boston ever had.
Knew the neighborhoods.

Light up all the stacks.
Sure it’s tacky and wasteful.
But we’d be the first.

Chelmsford school issues.
Needless position funded.
By dropping two jobs.