Back Off in #Haiku. 1/12-1/17/15.


Backtalk: 1/12/2015

Electric increase.
Hundred bucks at Christmas time.
I’m not using much.

Chelmsford don’t plow.
Lowell does a better job.
That’s saying something.

Bills in magazines.
While does the mailman do that?
I don’t read those mags.

Varnum Avenue.
I don’t care if it’s winter.
I want that paved now.

Peter Lucas fan.
Read that column ev’ry day.
Chain him to his desk.

Rita O’Brien.
Going for nomination.
Hoping she gets it.

Sound Off Jan 12

NIMBY’s cry too much.
Layover station will help you.
Leave Plaistow faster.

Bomb the terrorists.
Paris needs to find homelands.
Kill their families.

Unions can brake bones.
That’s a legal right I think.
They can just hurt you.

Romney lied again.
He said no more Prez campaigns.
Need better pennies.

Backtalk: 1/13/2015

The Prez skipped Paris.
Doesn’t care ’bout terrorists.
Stay off my golf course.

Politicians game.
All just scratching the right back.
No spines in the way.

Open Meeting laws.
Fresh off a violation.
Kind of transparent.

Sound Off Jan 13

Public Access shows.
Just the same ones getting looped.
Haverhill needs drama.

Buy American.
Plenty of goods made local.
Stop being selfish.

Cost of food went up.
That’s just how inflation works.
Don’t blame Artie T.

Lottery tickets.
Buy them at the liquor store.
Sometimes they screw up.

Actual backyard.
This isn’t a NIMBY thing.
Way too literal.

Backtalk: 1/14/2015

Paris needs more guns.
That shit never happens here.
Give or take monthly.

No free diplomas.
Just remove the high interest.
We need that money.

Westford Manager.
Helped me out personally.
Thank-you Jodi Ross.

Big spending problem.
Baker said about the state.
Chelmsford follows suit.

Lowell jaywalkers.
Getting hit like they deserve.
Not the driver’s fault.

Chelmsford history.
Being destroyed ev’ry day.
Shame cries in silence.

Sound Off Jan 14

It’s ‘terrorism.’
Prez called it ‘workplace violence.’
He’d let them go free.

You’re not all heroes.
Bunch of keyboard patriots.
Get over yourselves.

New police station.
Stop whining about taxes.
Get modern safety.

Obama Kool Aid.
Romney refused his paycheck.
That makes him a saint.

Vote no confidence.
Lawrence councilors should grow up.
Old mayor is gone.

Backtalk: 1/15/2015

Trees at Saint Anne’s Church.
Removed for safety concerns.
New saplings in spring.

Parking spaces gone.
Baseball field made in its place.
Don’t have balls to walk.

Double solid lines.
Routinely getting ignored.
Laws need enforcement.

Ain’t no free schoolin’
Barrack Hussein Obama.
Screwin’ us again.

What about people?
You think we want Olympics?
Real Folks don’t want that.

Lot of DINO’s here.
Charlie Baker hired a few.
Deval predicted.

Sound Off Jan 15

Qualified workers.
That’s why the state wants unions.
Good workers earn more.

Three to Mike Brown’s wake.
Nobody went to Paris.
Mixed priorities.

Pipelines have grown old.
Rust wrapped in old asbestos.
Change loosens time’s grip.

Cable rates increase.
Comcast mistakes wealth levels.
Blaming the City.

Romney’s still a dick.
47 percent know.
Prob’ly more than that.

Mitt’s unqualified.
Need more than empty gestures.
Glad he didn’t win.

Blindly voting ‘D’?
Liz Warren scares me to tears.
Hiding ‘neath blankets.

Backtalk: 1/16/2015

Olympic logo.
I want the pretty sailboat.
Boring is ugly.

The Prez skipped Paris.
Had to watch football playoffs.
He’s American.

Lowell High concert.
Kids did a helluva job.
Great talent displayed.

Scooter on Green Street.
It should take up a full spot.
Not a real spot there.

Backtalk: 1/17/2015

Don’t go to Paris.
You’re only gonna get killed.
Don’t blame Obama.

Traffic jam was dumb.
Commuters lives matter too.
Lost my respect there.

No free MCC.
But Cowan’s right if need be:
3.0 required.

Tiano’s statement:
“All things should be transparent.”
Clearly he should go.

Back Off in #Haiku.10/8/14.


Sound Off

Workers sacrificed.
Impressive but their own fault.
Stop MB stories.

Old folks need parking.
But teachers took all the spots.
Voting results changed.

Part-time jobs out there.
Companies avoid bennies.
Depressing era.

This ain’t your backyard.
Property of the college.
Now get off our lawn.

Art T needs a sec.
It’s been a long hard season.
All will be right soon.


Chelmsford school issues.
Investigate ev’rything.
No free rides or meals.

School budget is tight?
It’s half a million dollars.
Enough for a house.

Board of Health please come.
The Chelmsford schools need cleaning.
Children getting sick.

Tyngsboro sewer.
Money waiting to happen.
Give a shit and vote.

I want to live on the same planet as Market Basket Employees.

How about somebody take a brake from the markers and the homemade signs and give this a guy hand.  - Photo Noah R. Bombard

How about somebody take a brake from the markers and the homemade signs and give this a guy hand. – Photo Noah R. Bombard

Lowell Sun

TEWKSBURY — Employees of Demoulas Supermarkets Inc.’s Market Basket grocery stores have been an outspoken bunch in the past year, always loyal to their leader, the recently ousted CEO Arthur T. Demoulas. They’ve spoken out online, in rallies and to the media.

And on Wednesday, they voiced that loyalty to “Artie T.,” as he is affectionately known, to the two executives hired last month to replace him, co-CEOs Jim Gooch and Felicia Thornton, according to employees who were at a meeting at the chain’s East Street offices.

“It’s unanimous,” said Rosalie Hagopian, who started with Market Basket in 1973 and has worked in the main office for 15 years, now as an administrative assistant.

“We feel the company needs Arthur T. back. We feel he was wrongly let go, along with the others who were wrongly let go,” she said. “It feels like a death in the family.”


Credit to Demoulas Supermarkets Inc. for being last standing company on earth by a long shot whose employees still think that they have a collective say in operational matters. Like when you take Artie T, and the legacy of the store out of the equation, and look at it as just a normal company, this behavior is off the chain, insane. I can understand the spirit of it, as a few months back my company switched over to pod coffee makers and I remember how upset and vulnerable I felt. But I wasn’t camping out in front of the office, telling our CEO to “go the hell.” I adapted, and kept cashing my checks. (I just started going to Starbucks on company time.)

Like every company, there’s a board. And every board has a charter. And those board members are going to make decisions through an established process that will for the most part, be aimed at making a couple extra bucks next quarter. I’m going to guess that nowhere in that charter does it stipulate “All major decisions must be vetted through the guy that slices Tobes’ roast beef too thick.” How that guy didn’t get sacked along with Artie T is beyond me. That’s what people should be protesting.



Photo Link- Noah R. Bombard

“Are you not entertained?!”

Lowell Sun

Market Basket CEO Arthur T. Demoulas is suing both family rival Arthur S. Demoulas and the grocery chain itself, arguing that an independent member of the board of directors is not truly independent because he previously served as a member appointed by Arthur S.’s side of the family.

The lawsuit, filed in Suffolk Superior Court on Thursday, adds a new chapter to the long-running battle between two factions of the Demoulas family.

These Demoulas lads are really pushing the envelope with our collective attention span. No offense fellas, but Tastee O’s aren’t good enough to care this much about a grocery store. I’m going to tap out on this one unless the Arthurs decide to change the terms of this contest…winner gets claim to the name Arthur. Loser gets something lame like “Phil.” No more Arthur T’s and Arthur S’…just Arty and Phil.

The Merrimack Valley apocalypse.

As a man who equates his Facebook feed to tea leaves… I have to take a moment and reflect on how hysterically funny this pending MarketBasket implosion is…you know, if you ignore the potential loss of employment.

The prospect of this community trying to lead functional lives without Demoulas’ is bleak. How will we eat? Do other grocery stores put their food in aisles or is it just a free-for-all? I hear all this new-aged-hooey about organic food…will we be able to find the genetically modified items that our bodies crave? Will Tastee O’s be discontinued? How will I transport my sandwich and chips to work without a Market Basket bag?

See what I mean? What a potential shitshow. In retrospect, it probably wasn’t the best idea to assign the entire Merrimack Valley consumer staple contribution to a family that gets along so well.

PS. Feel free to do the math on the carnage that has occurred in the Greek Community since Mayor Murphy got Pericles cocked on St Paddy’s.