Lowell Police take to Youtube to show the world that Centralville truly is the gateway to hell. (Updated)

(Update: Not that it should need to be clarified, but this blog is not affiliated with the Lowell Police Department.  This is a video taken from Youtube.  It is not the Lowell Police Department that are making fun of Bridge Street or Centraville for that matter….just everybody else.)

This video tells it like it is. The mouth of Bridge Street is circles 4 through 7 of hell. Even a video of cops with funny Mayor Quimby accents can’t help the cause. You’ve got it all:

Shitbums crossing “the most dangerous intersection evah” void of any sense of urgency.  Where is he going? To work no doubt.

twominutes to cross

Pontiac Aztecs making their own lanes. (As far as I know, the only other documented driver of Pontiac Aztec cooked meth in New Mexico.  Smaht profiling by the LPD.)


People in motorized chairs breaking the sound barrier in crosswalks.


More high performance vehicles than all of Dubai.

Bridge Street Porshcehigh performance

Is that Gary Fischer himself?  That’s a lot of suspension.  How pumped was this guy when he realized they weren’t checking warrants today?

Mountain Bike

And last but not least…the fashion.  Its like the Champs Elysees….if it had a bout of food poisoning.