Racism is apparently alive and well in Centralville

Lowell Sun
LOWELL — Cities from Boston to Atlanta to Chicago have had fiberglass cows standing on sidewalks as part of a public art project, among other ways cities work to brighten their common spaces.
A city that touts arts contributions of its own, Lowell now has a similar project, except with homemade scarecrows.
About a dozen are now on city streets, mostly in Centralville, with at least that much more or as many as 20 more to come.
“What the community needs to be aware of is that we’re trying to build the community and have fun,” Beacon Street resident Heidi Miller said.

We’ve chronicled extensively in this forum that pretty much anyone or anything flies in Centralville. Everyone that is, except for the Crows. The local community is sending a very loud and visible message: if you have black feathers, generally spend your days loitering, have an ominous juxtaposition, and a track record of annoying people when they’re trying to sleep, then you’re not welcome in this neighborhood. “Go back to we’re you came from, Crows!” said on vocal fella on Bridge Street. “Our power lines are for sneakers, only!”
This shocking display of imagery drums up memories of the neighborhood’s dark past. Those who are old enough to remember can’t help but shake eerie similarities of the Great Purge of the Back Yard Chicken circa 2013. A time that triggered widespread condemnation from across the Global community. A time that still haunts the city’s image to this day.

PS. I suppose its tough to pick a favorite with Humpty Dumpty’s disappearance, but I find it difficult to believe that any is better than this Rita Mercier scare crow.   A wonderful tribute. Continue reading

This video sums up my CNAG Lowell city council candidates forum experience last night.

Skip to 4:33 for what the room was like at the Dom Polski last night.  It was certainly a who’s who of local pols, glommers on, family members, concerned citizens, elderly, local yocals, local media, citizen journalists, and of course campaign workers.  Even the Lowell Sun photog was harassed for being “suspicious looking” outside. 

Robert Mills @Robert_Mills

Dear Dom Polski Club; just because our photographer is black doesn’t mean he’s a suspicious person. He was there to photograph your event.  7:34 PM – 30 Sep 2013\


I’m not saying I’m Han Solo but the things I do for this site and WCAP.  I need a raise.   



Sons of Franky Cabot PSA: Don’t do Molly…. M’Kay?

It has been used as a popular drug at raves and electronic-music festivals for years, but recently deadly overdoses and a spike in pop-culture references have law enforcement, colleges and concerned parents talking about the drug known as Molly.

Called a pure form of ecstasy, the psychedelic drug MDMA gives a sense of euphoria, eases anxiety and increases a bonding feeling toward others, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

In the last week alone, overdoses of Molly, slang for MDMA, are believed to have killed Brittany Flannigan, a 19-year-old Derry, N.H., resident, at the House of Blues in Boston and Olivia Rotondo, 20, a University of New Hampshire student at a music festival in New York.

Jeffrey Russ, 23, of Rochester, N.Y., died at the New York event, the Electric Zoo Music Festival. Two others also seriously overdosed at the House of Blues, and four others at the New York festival.

Three other concert-goers also suffered drug overdoses at the Bank of America Pavilion in Boston on Saturday, with police believing two were related to an ecstasy-type drug. And in Brockton, three Maine men reportedly were arrested on charges they had in their possession about 16 grams of MDMA.

Read the rest of the story from the Sun here.

Look, Mr. Mackey is right. Drugs are bad…. M’Kay. This isn’t news. Continue reading

DUI with child in the BACK seat?!? What’s going on in Billerica?

Lowell Sun

BILLERICA — A 40-year-old Billerica woman was arrested on Labor Day after allegedly driving drunk with a child in the car, according to the Billerica Police Department.

Kristin Ward is being charged with operating under the influence of alcohol, child endangerment while operating under the influence, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, and alcohol from an open container.

Generally the youth of Billerica can pilot anything from ATV’s to a fan boats by the age of 10 months. Two wheels, four wheels, eighteen wheels, you name it…a baby Billerican can drop a clutch in it. Partly for means of survival on the Billerican frontier, but mostly for circumstances like this. And for that, leaving your mom hanging like this is pretty disconcerting. I don’t know what this kid’s problem is, but sitting there in your cozy car seat while your hammered mom slaloms through a parking lot is pretty uncouth. Grab the wheel, bro! A sad day in Billerica indeed.

I leave for one weekend….

and the whole city goes nuts.  Multiple stabbings, it rained cats and dogs, some asshat flees a home after his Pitbull mauls a Rat Terrier to death, and the Lowell Sun outs Rachel Chandler as an illegal chicken keeper.  That fact was known to many for a couple of weeks or longer depending on who you are and when your editor asked you to publish the story. (right Lyle?)  Messaged received loud and clear Lowell.  I’m not allowed to take any more long holiday weekends away, the residents sense a disruption in the force and everything goes to hell in a handbag made at one of the local art studios.  I get it.

Angst in Centralville!?!


(lifted from the Lowell Sun)

According to last weeks Column Jack Mitchell may be rubbing people the wrong way. My response- And? How’s that news?!? People who fancy themselves as city politicos of all stripes rub each other the wrong way all the time. If Jack Mitchell likened some of the neighborhood activists to the Taliban, so what? Are we really that thinly skinned? As a society, we really are becoming softer than baby shit.

During a recent appearance on WCAP, I referred to one neighborhood leader as a “petty tyrant.” Well, SHE IS! When your actions are intended to suppress an issue from an agenda because you don’t like it, you’re using what little power you have in a tyrannical manner. It’s my right to call her that. It’s her right to go on thinking people should bow to her whims. It’s also your right to make up your own mind and set her straight. Or not. Choice is yours. That’s not for me to decide.

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Sons of Franky Cabot Official Press Release

I am officially declaring the SonsofFrankyCabot position on the matter of the 2013 Lowell Folk Festival as being “Pro” Having a Good Time. Despite what our friends over at LeftinLowell or the Lowell Sun will suggest, it is ok to go to the Folk Festival this year, and if the mood strikes you, have a good time. We’re not ready to hand over the keys to Lowellpalooza to a bunch of PCU Alumni. If you find that your spirit is lacking, and your mello is being harshed by the Fun PD, you’ll find us hippy dancing the shit out of this year’s Fest and would love to expand our circle. We won’t be bumming everyone out with chatter about “this year wasn’t as good as last year” and “these bands could be better.” Consider us your purveyors of Rainbows and Sunshine from here until next Monday.