SOFC apology to the Taliban

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Jack Mitchell, a member of the Centralville Neighborhood Action Group Board of Directors, has some explaining to do — at least to fellow board members. In a recent on-line comment, Mitchell mentioned the city’s neighborhood groups and the Taliban in the same sentence, as if they’re synonymous. His choice of words have left some neighborhood activists, including two prominent women from Centralville, searching for an explanation. – See more at:

It is a sad day. All these people lining up to declare how offended they are by droning blog commentary referring to hood’group leaders as “Lowell’s Taliban.” Folks that I didn’t even know existed, popping up demanding apologies. Well, I for one am disgusted. I haven’t heard anyone apologize to the Taliban yet.

Sure, it’s been a rebuilding season for the regime, but that doesn’t mean they’d appreciate being compared to the leaders of the Centralville Neighborhood Group. Aside from lower Bridge Street looking a bit like Kabul, there’s really nothing else in common.
I imagine the Taliban is largely indifferent about what you keep in your back yard…from fowl to mortars. And they would never let a couple of hens speak for the entire neighborhood (pun absolutely intended).

Since it seems nobody else is going to get around to it, I’d like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the Greater Lowell blogging community, to apologize to the Taliban for this ignorant, undeserving assault on their reputation. I can assure you, that as long as this Sheriff is on watch, it will never happen again.

Sincerely Yours,


Sons of Franky Cabot Official Press Release

I am officially declaring the SonsofFrankyCabot position on the matter of the 2013 Lowell Folk Festival as being “Pro” Having a Good Time. Despite what our friends over at LeftinLowell or the Lowell Sun will suggest, it is ok to go to the Folk Festival this year, and if the mood strikes you, have a good time. We’re not ready to hand over the keys to Lowellpalooza to a bunch of PCU Alumni. If you find that your spirit is lacking, and your mello is being harshed by the Fun PD, you’ll find us hippy dancing the shit out of this year’s Fest and would love to expand our circle. We won’t be bumming everyone out with chatter about “this year wasn’t as good as last year” and “these bands could be better.” Consider us your purveyors of Rainbows and Sunshine from here until next Monday.