GFYS Grantland. Seriously.

I don’t think I’m alone in the fact that I can’t take Bill Simmons seriously anymore.  What used to be appointment reading (his mailbag) is now something I haven’t looked at in YEARS.  I unfollowed him on twitter over a year ago and I haven’t listened to a podcast in just as long.  If he’s on ESPN I might give him a couple of minutes.  When he launched Grantland I said he officially jumped the shark.  What a pretentious name.  Just oozes douche.  He used to be one of us, then he moved to LA and got soft.  Like baby shit soft.  I get it, LA changes people.  But today my ire was raised even further by this nonsense column by one Steven Haden. 

“Welcome to Escape From Pop Purgatory, where we check out new music made by people who are more well known than 98 percent of the oppressively “cool” artists over whom the media obsesses, and yet are commonly perceived to be years past the point of their cultural relevance. (Pop Purgatory is fame plus time.) Because we’re unwilling to let albums released by established if unfashionable pop culture institutions come and go without a proper listen, we’re giving these damned souls a shot at redemption — or at least some much-needed publicity outside of their respective fan bubbles. In this installment, we look at a laid-back effort from ’90s rapper/folk singer Everlast.”

Seems like a great premise for an article right?  Only he shits all over Everlast for the whole article with his snide little digs.  Full disclosure I’m checking out of work at 5pm for vacation and had the Missus download “The Life Acoustic” by Everlast for me.  I plan on listening to that thing like a twelve year old listens to Wandi Wrection.  I’ve always been an Everlast fan.  Liked House of Pain, loved Whitey Ford sings the blues.  Love when he’s on Rogan’s podcast even if I might catch flak for even bringing it up.   But this hipster asshole actually gets paid to shit on famous people.  ‘Murica ain’t it grand?


(To catch a hipster)