Back Off in #Haiku. 10/28/14.


[Please note: Do you have any idea how long it took to find a picture of a catfight with actual cats?]


No war on Christmas.
But there is one on Jesus.
Birthday boy died for you.

Nazis on welfare.
Grampa’s killers freeloading.
While old heroes starve.

Use gas tax for roads.
Don’t put it in gen’ral funds.
No need to raise tax.

Attacks grow tiresome.
Voting against party lines.
Catfights aren’t civil.

Credit for MassWorks.
Lots of people signed that one.
Acknowledge them all.

Chelmsford taxpayer.
Bailing out these bums again.
Leave them in the tank.

Sound Off

The streets of Europe.
Not clean because of high fines.
Clean because of pride.

Less crime in Europe.
People with pride don’t litter.
Or break into homes.

Don’t just fine litter.
Thousand dollars for all crimes.
Then they’ll stop texting.

Not voting Coakley.
Don’t think illegals should vote.
But she should still run.

“Government makes jobs.”
Hillary sort of said that.
Job creators taxed.

Coakly just stood by.
Guilt by association.
Should have spoken up.

Gov doesn’t make wealth.
Only takes it all away.
Clinton slaps people.

Biggest enemy:
Career politicians.
Vote for a person.

Dogs poop on my lawn.
I’m really not cool with that.
Take your shit elsewhere.