#8 and its only January. The Chiefs don’t come out of their tee pees until March.


The Chiefs are just starting to figure out who they are at this point this season, and the USCHO folks still had an uphill climb to find 7 teams to put ahead of them. We’ll let the Superfrauds do their usual self back-patting through February while the tribe along the Merrimack rounds itself into fighting shape for March.

Also, if you haven’t had the opportunity to get down to the Tissongas yet this season for pucks or buckets, tune into the Frank McCabe show on WCAP. He’s not only going to have you sitting courtside like the Biebs for free, but he might even make you laugh.

Banner Night for the Chiefs was an obvious “Who’s Who” event.


Not since the time I bumped into Craig T Nelson at a Treasure Island blackjack table have I been this star struck. The Dog Man, in the flesh. Adding to the moment was the fact that he wasn’t trying to sell me a couple bloodhounds or golden retrievers. A total stud.

As for the game itself, it was awesome…if lazy, complacent passing is your thing. I haven’t fired up the internet to confirm yet, but I’m pretty sure Sacred Heart is a catholic high-school just outside of Worcester. Not a good L.