Rob Gronkowski spotted in Lowell!


Sure, it could very well be Rob Gronkowski shuffling his way down Central Street. (I pictured Gronk as more of a Merrimack Street kinda guy, but whatevs…) It could also be Bill Belichick giving Gronk an “It’s a Wonderful Life” style glimpse of what his future holds should he continue to be a Vegas fixture. To me this just wreaks of Belichick sourcery: “See Rob, if you keep doing your rehab at Rehab, you’re going to become an aimless day walker cruising the sidewalks of Lowell in a half Canadian Tuxedo as the dew point approaches a 100% in June.”



Thanks Frank

View from the Hill


(photo by Tom Whiting)

What a great night Monday turned out to be. Perfect weather to skip going to the dojo and take my two dogs for an extended walk throughout Christian Hill (God’s country). I enjoy exposing our newest addition to the family an 18 month old red nosed Staffordshire Bull Terrier appropriately named Gronk (pictured with a section of moose antler below) to brand new things.


I get stopped all the time with compliments and even requests for his puppies. (He’s fixed so that’s not an option in case you were wondering.) He’s been to noisy downtown Lowell for many a walk and truth be told the girls that work behind the counter at Brew’d Awakenings love him and one (who shall remain nameless) has slipped him a biscuit or two while he sprawls out on the floor waiting for my coffee. Now that I think of it, I saw the same City Councilor I talk about below in Brew’d Awakenings before and he couldn’t get away from Gronk and I fast enough and I’ve never actually met them.

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