Holy Dad Hat!

Belanger elliott

Jeez Rodney, Could you make a hat less cool? I’m not asking you to go flat billed-sticker on, but can we at least get a little commitment in the bend? You look like a sixth round draft pick out of Saskatoon. I don’t think we’re asking too much here. The Folk Fest is only the biggest event on the City Calendar. Loosen up, bruh! Send the Super Mayor costume to the dry cleaners for a couple days, tip a couple wine coolers, and let the citizens know this event is actually going to be fun.

PS.  Are you serious with that weak sauce knot?  Strong Mayors go nothing less than double Windsor.  It’s in the charter, bub!

Double PS.  Belanger looks like he just wrapped up four loops of Golden Tee.

Triple PS.  Who’s taking this picture?  Is it possible to take a picture this bad with today’s technology?