This guy is a COMPLETE Momo (YouTube Gold)

Lemme axe you sumtin’ Johnathan, are you aware you’re going to lose your “free spot” permanently really soon?  That lot is in the process of being transferred to the city as a part of the Hamilton canal project.  You’re not supposed to be parking there overnight anyway.  It’s a free visitors lot for people VISITING the National Park, not  people who live at 256 Market Street.  I hope the Lowell Police see this and tow his truck over the weekend.  Oh and nothing limits your earning potential to Mcminimum wage quite like double neck tattoos. 

Thanks to Teddy Panos and WCAP listener Kathleen from Lowell for sending this gem along. 

Who’s Awesome?


who's awesome beagle

So last night at a fundraiser (my invite must have gotten lost in the mail) Tobes was given all kinds of feedback from some of our readers.  On Monday night while hanging out in the Cantina I was given a lot of similar “daily reading”, “you guys make me laugh”, “I love the Cabot” type comments.  So who’s awesome?  Our readers are awesome.  Why?  Because you obviously have good taste.  You keep reading and we’ll keep writing.

This video sums up my CNAG Lowell city council candidates forum experience last night.

Skip to 4:33 for what the room was like at the Dom Polski last night.  It was certainly a who’s who of local pols, glommers on, family members, concerned citizens, elderly, local yocals, local media, citizen journalists, and of course campaign workers.  Even the Lowell Sun photog was harassed for being “suspicious looking” outside. 

Robert Mills @Robert_Mills

Dear Dom Polski Club; just because our photographer is black doesn’t mean he’s a suspicious person. He was there to photograph your event.  7:34 PM – 30 Sep 2013\


I’m not saying I’m Han Solo but the things I do for this site and WCAP.  I need a raise.   



Alive. Unique. Inspiring.

If you were wondering what’s going into the old Gary’s Ice cream parlor on Merrimack and Dutton Street that then turned into a cell phone store then wonder no more.  Need a DNA test to see if “you da baby daddy” or not?  Or maybe you want to find out if that “skeezah” you met down Molly Kay’s is your long-lost cousin before going on a date?  Look no further!!  MVP Testing is moving in!!!  The Chamber of Commerce is even having a ribbon cutting at 2pm on October 11th!!!  No word on if Maury will be there to sign your test results as of yet.  Bringing families together no matter how psyched you are!!!  Awesome!!  I’m hoping they’re running a two for one special as a welcome to the neighborhood deal.  So convenient for high school students and  trolley riding tourists.  Just get a cheek swab, hit up Fuse for some lunch, and then go and find out what the deal is!!!  I for one think this is a fantastic message and image for a city “on the come” as they say in Vegas.   

I leave for one weekend….

and the whole city goes nuts.  Multiple stabbings, it rained cats and dogs, some asshat flees a home after his Pitbull mauls a Rat Terrier to death, and the Lowell Sun outs Rachel Chandler as an illegal chicken keeper.  That fact was known to many for a couple of weeks or longer depending on who you are and when your editor asked you to publish the story. (right Lyle?)  Messaged received loud and clear Lowell.  I’m not allowed to take any more long holiday weekends away, the residents sense a disruption in the force and everything goes to hell in a handbag made at one of the local art studios.  I get it.

Is that Fred Doyle’s music I hear?

20130709-143609.jpgLOWELL — Fred Doyle is launching another campaign for City Council because he believes City Manager Bernie Lynch has done a poor job and the current crop of nine city councilors have not taken Lynch to task for his performance.
Doyle, 74, said as a councilor he would not give Lynch a new contract, and if he served while Lynch was still working for the city, he would publicly challenge the manager when he disagrees with the actions he takes.

Lowell Sun

Got to love Freddy Doyle. It appears he’s totally reinvented himself. When folks didn’t go for the grumpy curmudgeon act the first 10 tunes around, he spent a little time with his fairy god mother and poof!…we’ve got a cleaner, sleaker, grumpy curmudgeon with a new car smell.