Love this guy’s AM Swagger


Business in frontParty everywhere.  Its a testament to the product quality that Dunk’s is able to land the caliber level of customers it does without a red carpet.

I don’t need to sell the drugs. The drugs’ll sell themselves.


Dunks should start charging by the ounce so they can be like all the other drug dealers in the neighborhood.  We’re right around the corner from Dunks offering a funnel of Type 2 diabetes…for just two dollars more than a Box’o Joe.

Dunkin Foam Strikes again.


Nothing takes a bigger dump on the morning quite like a faulty Dunks cup. Sure, the coldwar era styrofoam keeps the bevy warm, but it doesn’t stand up to the viking grip of the women who pours my coffee. You either have to go paper, or stop letting the rectangular folks pour the coffee.

Does anyone have Jackie Chiles’ number or a good balm?