Fast Food Cooked to Order?

DunksJust grabbed an afternoon Dunks and this savage rolled up to the register next to me and ordered “Hash browns…double toasted.” It was incredible. And wouldn’t you know it…out comes the Hash Browns looking as crispy as ever. That’s when I realized that this hotshit just tricked the poor prick manning the microwave to cook his hash browns to order. It blew my mind. Getting fast food cooked to order is a game changer. Dunk’s normally repugnant hash browns all of sudden become delicious. It’s apparently all in the way that you ask. I’m going to give a Junior Bacon Chee, Medium-Rare a shot tonight. I’ll let you know how it goes.

PS. This obviously isn’t the picture of the guy. The real guy looked like Kendrick Perkins’ brother. I know better than to be snapping photo’s of huge black dudes in Dunkin Donuts…even if it’s in admiration.