Back Off in #Haiku. 12/22-12/27/14.


Backtalk: 12/22/2014

Taxes increasing.
Can’t blame Lynch for it this time.
Wagon train heads north.

Love Cuban cigars.
Obama’s the greatest Prez.
His Care cures cancer.

Kmart bird killer.
We knew he was evil back then.
We were placing bets.

No crime in Dracut?
Or are cops just too lazy?
Too much paperwork.

Chelmsford should learn math.
School Committee overdrawn.
Serve them refreshments.

I’m 87.
I still say “Merry Christmas.”
And read newspapers.

Nick DeSilvio.
Focus on the school budget.
Not nepotism.

Sound Off Dec 22

Activists clueless.
War is sometimes the answer.
Remember Nazis.

Reagan fought unions.
Airport workers made too much.
He did it for us.

Unions save workers.
We’d have nothing without them.
Depression was real.

We need power plants.
Industrial park was first.
Know where you move to.

It isn’t torture.
And who cares if it might be?
Patriots kick ass.

Backtalk 12/23/14

Watch ‘Wonderful Life.’
That movie is magical.
Watch it ev’ry year.

Pot farm a huge win?
Manager has glaucoma.
We need a vision.

Cupples Square hookers.
Same two girls night after night.
No reason for that.

Packages stolen?
UPS isn’t concerned.
I once worked for them.

Warren not running?
I hope she keeps that promise.
Or I’ll leave the States.

State doesn’t rob us.
Just prints more lotto tickets.
Riding the addicts.

Tewksbury center.
Fill the empty windows first.
Flowers won’t draw much.

Backtalk 12/24/14

They’re not all addicts.
Homelessness is common now.
People have to eat.

Young man paid my bill.
Market Basket on Wood Street.
Merry Christmas sir.

Backtalkers sound old.
Entitled 90-year-olds.
Get over yourselves.

Lowell ain’t Chelmsford.
Smaller increase is still high.
Seniors can’t pay it.

Backtalk: 12/26/2014

Utilities increase.
Pipeline needed to save money.
Tree huggers choke us.

Don’t pay for sex change.
Not where I want taxes spent.
Children are dieing.

Dracut does plenty.
Buy a scanner and listen.
Arrests ev’ry day.

Goodwill towards men?
Let’s throw in women and kids.
Peace on Earth to all.

Ungrateful shoppers.
4 percent discount all year.
Hats off to Art T.

Backtalk: 12/27/2014

National Grid hike.
Rate went up 60 percent.
That hurts old people.

Electric rates went up.
Seventy bucks more this month.
And it’s Christmas time.

Menorahs are up.
Lowell’s a real melting pot.
City Hall looks nice.

Interview movie.
Killing an active leader?
That did cross the line.

I don’t like Coakley.
Chicks shouldn’t have confidence.
Go find a new job.

Back Off in #Haiku. 11/8/14.



Connector well lit.
At least there’s plenty of lights.
They should hit the switch.

Congressional clowns.
Glad we tossed some of the fools.
Maybe more will learn.

Baker wants more jobs.
300 folks just laid off.
Good luck there Charlie.

Don’t move to Dracut.
We have to bag our own leaves.
It’s like the third world.

Phonebook print too small.
Magnifying glass required.
Old eyes seeing red.

Dracut trash barrels.
Hundred dollars a year rent.
Money thrown away.

Back Off in #Haiku. 11/6/14.



Martha Coakley lost.
Guess we won’t see her again.
I’m okay with that.

Light up all the stacks.
Make this city look awesome.
Only trees we need.

Bill’rica Circle.
We could have fixed that by now.
Dumb voters said ‘no.’

Bring Your Kid to Work.
But leave him home when you get fired.
Moulton should know that.

Chelmsford school issues.
Committee learns to budget.
A little late now.

Dracut trash pick-up.
Now fully automated.
Chelmsford should get that.

Sound Off

Three-week quarantine.
Not what CDC wanted.
Maine nurse should be free.

Political signs.
You can take that shit down now.
Try to recycle.

Just stay positive.
No point in whining ’bout stuff.
Won’t help you at all.

Hard to find the booth.
No signs for new polling spots.
Salem hates old folks.

Texting and driving.
I hate when people do that.
Same with run red lights.

Back Off In #Haiku. 10/29/14.



Dracut cleaning up.
Problem properties get fined.
Allow cure to spread.

Toxic dump ignored.
Seniors fined for not mowing.
Broadway is glowing.

Abandoned house fines.
500 dollars a day.
Lowell should do same.

That cartoon was right.
It was on page 25.
[Sun hates web readers]

Three good deeds a day.
Nature’s antidepressant.
If you leave the house.

Connector needs bumps
Or at least some rumble strips.
Nobody reads signs.

Clinton’s a lead vest.
Coakley going down with ship.
Hillary can’t help.

Sound Off

Tax & Spend Lib’rals.
Spend 80k to save half.
Dumb ass school leaders.

Timberland School Board.
8 to 1 vote to hire more.
Should have gotten temps.

Timberland School Board.
Budget all spent on PR.
Road to hell unpaved.

Thousand dollar fine.
What it takes to stop litter.
Instill them with fear.

Water and sewer.
Public Works says price can raise.
Dam all these bastards.

Dems fightin’ dirty.
Illegals can vote and drive.
The Prez kicked my nuts.

Voter ID laws.
Democrats can’t stand those things.
God bless New Hampshire.

Forces don’t ‘make men.”
Service isn’t discipline.
Send your brats to camp.

Unions are still strong.
Controlling all elections.
Votes are all paid for.

FDR’s programs.
Paved way for illegal votes.
ID laws will help.

Vote Republican.
To break two-party system.
One creates balance.

Once The Right is in.
More room for other parties.
Dems holding them back.