Back Off in #Haiku. 10/28/14.


[Please note: Do you have any idea how long it took to find a picture of a catfight with actual cats?]


No war on Christmas.
But there is one on Jesus.
Birthday boy died for you.

Nazis on welfare.
Grampa’s killers freeloading.
While old heroes starve.

Use gas tax for roads.
Don’t put it in gen’ral funds.
No need to raise tax.

Attacks grow tiresome.
Voting against party lines.
Catfights aren’t civil.

Credit for MassWorks.
Lots of people signed that one.
Acknowledge them all.

Chelmsford taxpayer.
Bailing out these bums again.
Leave them in the tank.

Sound Off

The streets of Europe.
Not clean because of high fines.
Clean because of pride.

Less crime in Europe.
People with pride don’t litter.
Or break into homes.

Don’t just fine litter.
Thousand dollars for all crimes.
Then they’ll stop texting.

Not voting Coakley.
Don’t think illegals should vote.
But she should still run.

“Government makes jobs.”
Hillary sort of said that.
Job creators taxed.

Coakly just stood by.
Guilt by association.
Should have spoken up.

Gov doesn’t make wealth.
Only takes it all away.
Clinton slaps people.

Biggest enemy:
Career politicians.
Vote for a person.

Dogs poop on my lawn.
I’m really not cool with that.
Take your shit elsewhere.

A little good news on your Monday…..

EDMONTON — A pit bull is being hailed as a hero after authorities said the dog saved a woman from being attacked by a machete.  CTVNews reported that three men and a teenager broke into the woman’s home in Edmonton, Canada last week and tried attacking her. 

 Full story here. But it gets better fo young Mercey the hero dog as after the efforts of her owner and the police they were still $1K short.  So some anonymous person came to the vet and gave the $1K to cover the difference.  Class act.  Sometimes freaking people do something like this and it restores your faith in the human race just for a little while.

I leave for one weekend….

and the whole city goes nuts.  Multiple stabbings, it rained cats and dogs, some asshat flees a home after his Pitbull mauls a Rat Terrier to death, and the Lowell Sun outs Rachel Chandler as an illegal chicken keeper.  That fact was known to many for a couple of weeks or longer depending on who you are and when your editor asked you to publish the story. (right Lyle?)  Messaged received loud and clear Lowell.  I’m not allowed to take any more long holiday weekends away, the residents sense a disruption in the force and everything goes to hell in a handbag made at one of the local art studios.  I get it.

Thank You Mr. President!



I know some of my more conservative friends will say “glad to see the President weigh in on Breed Specific Legislation since the economy and terrorism is solved.”  Which is a solid point doesn’t Barrack have bigger fish to fry?  Yup.  But I must admit I’m amused that he and I agree on something. 

“…Obama came out against breed-specific legislation — regulations that restrict ownership of dogs of certain breeds, with pit bulls the most commonly targeted. “Breed-Specific Legislation Is a Bad Idea” is how the White House’s official response to an anti-BSL petition begins.”  Full article here.

View from the Hill


(photo by Tom Whiting)

What a great night Monday turned out to be. Perfect weather to skip going to the dojo and take my two dogs for an extended walk throughout Christian Hill (God’s country). I enjoy exposing our newest addition to the family an 18 month old red nosed Staffordshire Bull Terrier appropriately named Gronk (pictured with a section of moose antler below) to brand new things.


I get stopped all the time with compliments and even requests for his puppies. (He’s fixed so that’s not an option in case you were wondering.) He’s been to noisy downtown Lowell for many a walk and truth be told the girls that work behind the counter at Brew’d Awakenings love him and one (who shall remain nameless) has slipped him a biscuit or two while he sprawls out on the floor waiting for my coffee. Now that I think of it, I saw the same City Councilor I talk about below in Brew’d Awakenings before and he couldn’t get away from Gronk and I fast enough and I’ve never actually met them.

Back to Monday night…. Continue reading