Where are all my Paleo people at?

I would hate to abuse this forum for self serving purposes. But it seems my Facebook feed has a dearth of friends that are willing share their really interesting Paleo diet experiences. If you’ve successfully created pancakes merging foraged acorns, cashews, and beef jerky…please walk run to Facebook and drop me a friend request.

Honestly. I want to be your friend. I will totally ignore that you’ve been a lazy, jiggly piece of shit for 30 years because your last 3 months of munching nuts and bacon is impossibly interesting. I doubt cavemen took the time to Instagram pictures of meals they cobbled together, but they weren’t as awesome as you are! Please consider being my Facebook friend. I will reciprocate with all the “likes” you can handle and will even throw in an occasional “you rock.” Let’s make this happen.