Can we help Cambodia or what?


Lowell Sun
LOWELL — Watching hundreds of Cambodian immigrants mobbing Sam Rainsy, a political star from their homeland, and shouting his name inside a dance hall, Sim Lak said their fight for their country’s future generations has just begun.
In Cambodia, corrupt government officials continue to grow richer by trampling on the human rights of the rest, said Lak, an engineer from Providence, R.I., who was deported from the communist-ruled country 30 years ago. But, seeing fellow expatriates stand united with Rainsy — the opposition party leader who says he won the minister post in last month’s general election — is giving Lak hope that changes are coming.
Rainsy’s election is disputed; the ruling party says it retained power, which Rainsy said is election fraud. So expatriates must help promote democracy in Cambodia, former Lowell City Council Rithy Uong said. He wants the U.S. government and the United Nations to become involved in the vote recount.

Showing up in Lowell and pleading for the US Government and United Nations? That’s like walking into Tewksbury Hardware and asking for directions to Home Depot. Listen fellas, if 10 year wars, Halliburton, and even shadier election processes are your thing, then by all means, continue sending those emails over to Barrack. But if you’re in the market for a nice little democracy without the carnage and forfeiture of your soul, then we’ve got the elixir for what ails you. What you need is the Asian Boyz. Management, structure, a track record of longevity? ABZ’s got it in spades.