Coming to Lowell Friar Tuck Ale!!


SPENCER, Mass. —The monks of St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, Mass., have long been known for their jams and jellies. Now they’re brewing the first Trappist beer to be produced outside the monasteries of Europe.

Spencer Trappist Ale will be sold at first in Massachusetts to help the monks maintain their aging buildings about an hour west of Boston. They hope to eventually distribute the sweet, yeasty golden beer nationally and one day, internationally. 

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I know Tobes is all about this Trappist local ale as our resident beer sommelier.  He’ll be in line the night before this stuff is shipped camped out in front of Manning’s on Bridge Street so he can extol the virtues of these monks.  Tell me I’m lying!!! 

The forbidden fruit will be tasted…Yuengling arrives early March.


Distribution rights have been awarded…we’ll all be tipping these Bad Larry’s for the start of March. Book it.

Now for all you craft beer tools coming out of the woodwork to shit on Yuengling…relax. Nobody is saying its Heady Topper. It’s merely a tasty bev, that Floridians (among many) and their refined palettes can buy in 1/2 barrels, and we’re stuck smuggling 12 packs from upstate New York meth-towns.

It’s about access. I still get as excited buying beer as I did when I was 21. So many flavors, so many colors. (Yes, I buy beer all the time based on packaging color. I actually still have the remnants of a Narragansett 18 pack in the fridge because I liked the vintage look of the case. It’s still there because it’s f’all beer.) That’s what makes this exciting. Going to the packie and buying Yuengling because you feel like it.

(Update)There’s no such thing as craft beer, only crap beer.



To everything there is a season — a phrase that applies especially to beer.

And on Saturday, around 20 craft brewing companies are bringing the season’s best bounty to the table at the Second Annual Lowell Brew Fest sponsored by Major’s Pub and the Athenian Corner restaurant.

“It’s the best time of year for brewers,” says Corey Belanger, event organizer and owner of Major’s Pub. “The beer is big on flavor and a lot of new things enter the mix, like Harpoon’s cider.”

Update: Apparently this event was like a month ago. Sue me. You can still drink craft beer, and you probably can still do it in the Athenian corner parking lot.

The biggest disservice to Craft Beer is calling it Craft Beer. There’s only good beer and bad beer. The reality is that brewing is on a totally different level than it was 20 years ago. Techniques, flavors, real capital investment, are among the many factors that are yielding much better beer. There’s a reason cans of Heady Topper are selling for $15 a can on Ebay…it’s a great beer.
Corey Belanger is right…you owe it to yourself to start diving into these flavors…even if you have to spend a $20 to hang out in the Athenian Corner parking lot for a night.