Back Off in #Haiku. 10/6/14.


Sound Off

900 chickens.
Those four kids should be locked up.
Bring back Alcatraz.

Call things what they are.
Illegals and terrorists.
Whitewashing should stop.

Rep. Marcos Devers.
Handing out five-dollar bills.
Cheapskate vote-buyer.

College was here first.
Homeowners are just NIMBY’s.
Grown ups would be nice.

Dem celebrities.
Coming to support Coakley.
Her chances will sink.

We’re leaving Bradford.
Due to the new treatment plant.
Haverhill just plain stinks.

Secure the border.
Viruses keep coming in.
No more Africans.


Anti-business Warren.
Ignores high energy rates.
Just do anything.

Spinner’s boss Weber.
Really should just stop crying.
City supports you.

Secure the border.
Stop Ebola, AIDS, and lice.
Obama don’t care.

Warren found work here.
Brown’s a real carpetbagger.
Goes where votes might be.

Oh, the horror!

Lowell Sun

LOWELL — The city’s chicken lady is all cooped up.

Rachel Chandler, one of the leaders of the push for the city to allow backyard chickens, has been illegally keeping hens on her property.

The city’s Animal Control department recently issued a notice of violation to Chandler’s husband, Richard Stec, for the keeping of chickens at their home on Lawrence Street in the city’s Back Central neighborhood.

According to a Lowell police-incident report, animal-control-compliance officer Darleen Wood visited the property Aug. 14.

“All cooped up?” What a doozie. Make no mistake about it, our friends down at the Sun wanted to make sure you got your 75 cents worth this week. Just in case you weren’t floored by the STUNNING scenario that someone championing backyard chickens at City Hall might actually have few chickaroos roaming their property, the Sun staff goes for the kill with “All Cooped up.” “Running a fowl” had to be a finalist, no?

More importantly, Rachel Chandler and her husband are obviously fans of the Cabot, and enjoyed Mark and Tobes’ emails regarding Lowell Chickens. Practically copied the entire play book. And if you’re keeping track at home, that puts our blog readership at about 6, if you count Mark’s wife. Don’t tell our friend over at LiL but Revolutions have started with less.

Pic ganked from Rick Holland via My Lost Bardo