SOFC Presents: Can I Be Frank? Bullies & Other Slap Worthy People


I recently wrote a piece about the 10 People that Occupy Facebook. In essence, I offered my examination of the distinct personalities that crowd the social networking website. In another “study” of human behavior I have made a similar listing of the 10 more people/personalities that completely and utterly piss me off.

In honor of ‘Prevention of Bullying Month’, here’s to you bullies and a few others that have earned a dope slap by The Book of Frank.

10. The Beauties

The Beauties are the people who are really attractive…really really attractive….and they know it. From head to toe, Beauties exude confidence in all things they do. At parties, in meetings, walking through the park, Beauties are acutely aware that they are better looking than 95% of the world and have an annoying way of letting the rest of us Shrek-alikes know that. Smug looks. Fake laughs. Condescending comments. These are all the warning signs you have encountered a Beauty. The good news is that Beauties typically land in a relationship with #6 on my list.

9. The Hipsters

Ah, the cigarette-smoking-coffee-drinking-skinny-jean-wearing-bad-facial-hair-flaunting-tree-hugging-protest-rally-attending-earthy-crunching-no-job-having Hipster. Hipsters are not bad people. In fact they are actually a fun-loving and harmless group. They mean well. Hipsters are just well….bothersome. Hipsters love art, music, culture, and poetry…but boy do they hate an honest day’s work! Hipsters are usually left wing, peaceful, harmonious free spirits. Honestly, these folks are more or less cool by me…just stay inside Starbucks, ok, the rest of us are busy.

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