SOFC Presents: Can I Be Frank?: Breaking Beantown Bandwagon

20130918-165305.jpgbandwagon (band-wag-on): noun

1. Suddenly giving a damn when a team gets good.

2. Liking a sports team only because they’re winning

3. When a person likes a trend, or sports team, just because it is getting more popular

(SOURCE: Urban Dictionary)

Not that you do not know what a bandwagon is, but that is the topic today, kids, and I want to be sure you are all hopping on this blog’s bandw….yuck…nevermind.

The bandwagon, for today’s purposes, will relate specifically to sports. More specifically, Boston sports.

Ah, the bandwagon. The bandwagon-effect is the true core of every sports fan, just the part no one will admit to existing. Well, I am coming clean today, people. But before I do, let me step back for a second.

Like most red-blooded New Englanders, I have always stood by our beloved Boston teams over the years. For most of my life (at least until the millennium) I have had to endure many, many grueling seasons of sports watching. Losing teams. Playoff heartbreak. You name, we lived through it. Pain like 1986 when both the Red Sox and Patriots reached the pinnacle of their respective games only to let us down in the end. Truthfully, I was a better fan in those days as a child than I am today.

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This is going to be a mess…

This fall, 75 pianos will be installed in public locations across Boston, Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville available for anyone to play.
The “Street Pianos Boston: Play Me I’m Yours” public piano installation by British artist Luke Jerram will commemorate the 75th season of the Celebrity Series of Boston, which has brought orchestras, chamber ensembles, vocal, piano and jazz musicians, dance companies, and other performers to Boston concert halls since it was founded in 1938 by pianist and impresario Aaron Richmond.
The pianos will be hosted from Friday, Sept. 27 through Monday, Oct. 14, by dozens of local partners, including the City of Boston, the Rose Kennedy Greenway, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Arts Academy, Office for the Arts at Harvard and the Prudential Center

I haven’t seen a civic invitation for anarchy like this since Bunny Colven opened up Hamsterdam in Season 3 of The Wire. Blatantly spitting in the faces of the Woodwind and Brass folks by green-lighting lowlife piano players to claim turf across the city. You think the the trombone guys are going to let some skinny hipster tickle the ivory on their corner? F’no! The only way this tragedy ends is with an Anchormen style showdown on the Kennedy Greenway…guys getting their teeth knocked out by old dudes with pony tails swinging soprano saxophones, Trumpet players raining spit-valve fury on everyone. Scary stuff.

Whitey Bulger- Pederist?

COWBOY whitey

(Cowboy Whitey)

We break away from the news of the royal birth to let you know that today in Federal court Stevie “The Rifleman” Flemmi accused Whitey Bulger of being a Pedo in court.  Woah.  Talk about the plot thickening.  I think amid all this Royal birth, Kardashian, and one of those goofs from One Direction buying a $2M bottle of champagne nonsense we’re missing the trial of the century.  Wish this was on Court TV.

Closer to home in the Mill City this scumbag was arrested for sexual assault on a six year old.  We all do some “dumb things” when drunk Randy.  But touching kids?  That’s a far cry from Roman candle fights in the highlands at 2am.  Enjoy prison.