Check out those headlights, eh?

Bright lights

As an avid cyclist, I encounter people of all walks of life sharing the roads with me on their bikes.   Many, like me, are recreational riders who ride leisurely or maybe for personal fitness.  But for a majority of Lowell cyclists, the bike is their only means of transportation.  And, doubtless, we’ve seen cyclists riding at night without any safety equipment or lights.  This doesn’t just perturb motorists and pedestrians who can’t see them but is obviously a grave safety risk to all involved, but perhaps mostly to the cyclist themself.  A recent Mass-wide study showed that Lowell had among the highest bike-related accident rates in the state.  

If you’ve ever wondered how you can make a real, tangible difference in your community, then this is no exaggeration  when I say you can really save the life of someone in your community.  The inability to afford a simple bike light should not be a death sentence in our community.

My goal is to raise a minimum of $500 to secure approximately 500 units of front and rear bike light sets through Alibaba and distribute them to the Lowell Bike Coalition and various other community organizations so they can be given to the people who need them.  Please consider that for the cost of one movie ticket, you can essentially provide an entire family with bike lights and make their commuting lives far safer.  Thank you.

Go Fund Me- Lights for Lowell

For a good chunk of the city cycling community that uses their bikes exclusively for vandalism and stealing GPS units out of people’s unlocked cars, this probably doesn’t apply to you…you’re better off just waiting until this pilot is funded and you can just steal them like everything else.    But for the growing gang of commuting exclusive pedal pushers out there that are carving up the city streets (and sidewalks), let’s make sure we get some lights on those trikes.  You know…for safety yada, yada…and more importantly, for blasting a high beam through the back windshields of our elected officials that don’t ever see people riding their bikes on city streets, or the elected officials that just like to troll and waste folks time with “test motions” that call for the removal of bike infrastructure, or simply to ensure the safety of the jay-walking pedestrians crossing Market Street to get to the Athenian Corner.

Franky Cabot 5:00 Traffic Update #BikeShitty

Well, there you have it. Steve Ratbas Allen checks in with a Fr. Morrisette Traffic update…it’s a speed limit ride up through Arcand Drive where you’ll be hitting the breaks for the occasional tumbleweed. Otherwise it’s smooth sailing all the way to Franconia Notch.

Thanks @ratbas for the video.

Tis’ the season. #BIKECITY

Here’s Martha’s Vineyard native Lucas Brunelle’s “Line of Site” film featuring the best of the best in Global Alley Cat racers. These guys are amazing.

Why am I posting this? Because my hog is just about ready for the season. It’s going to be me, @marianika, and all of Mill City’s finest DUI convicts roll’n heavy in the bike lanes. Make sure you beep or give me one of those truck driver fist pumps out the window…it makes me pedal faster. Boom…#BIKECITY

And if you’re thinking about joining the pedal posse, but need gear or tune-ups, consider paying a visit to the lads down at City Bike


or if your a tinkerer/DIY’er…Lowell Makes has the rig you need to get the job done.


Wanted: Clean cut, sober (appearing) individuals to join me in Lowell’s Bike lanes.

20130806-071646.jpg(Yes, that’s my LRTA bike rack buddy.)

Let’s be honest, Lowell is not exactly Copenhagen yet with respect to bike traffic. We went to the trouble of painting these fancy lines that to this point, are doing more to confuse elderly drivers than promoting safe pedal commuting.

It’s getting lonely out there folks. I could use some company. I’m not asking for a peloton escort to the train station. I’m just thinking it would be nice for friends and acquaintances to see me out there and not assume I got a DUI in the last 6th months. Don’t do it for the environment. Don’t do it for your love handles, or your wallet. Do it for me.