Coming to Lowell Friar Tuck Ale!!


SPENCER, Mass. —The monks of St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, Mass., have long been known for their jams and jellies. Now they’re brewing the first Trappist beer to be produced outside the monasteries of Europe.

Spencer Trappist Ale will be sold at first in Massachusetts to help the monks maintain their aging buildings about an hour west of Boston. They hope to eventually distribute the sweet, yeasty golden beer nationally and one day, internationally. 

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I know Tobes is all about this Trappist local ale as our resident beer sommelier.  He’ll be in line the night before this stuff is shipped camped out in front of Manning’s on Bridge Street so he can extol the virtues of these monks.  Tell me I’m lying!!! 

Yuengling making its way back to Mass? The Forbidden Fruit Must be Tasted!.


Boston Magazine
Massachusetts residents will no longer need to rely on their friends from surrounding states in order to get their hands on some Yuengling.

According to a report from the Banker & Tradesman, the Pennsylvania-based brewing company plans to bring their product back to Massachusetts after more than a two-decade hiatus, and beer experts expect them to do very well.

“The Massachusetts market is a tough market for people to come into because we have so much choice here. It’s really common to see a new hyped-up brand come in and sell like hot cakes for a few months but then something new comes in, and people move onto that,” said Jeff Wharton, co-founder of Drink Craft Beer, which hosts beer tastings and events, and focuses heavily on the changing beer market. “But I don’t think that will be the case for Yuengling.”

Representatives from the company, D.G. Yuengling & Son, are reportedly meeting with store owners and beer distributors this week to come up with a plan to reintroduce several types of their beers back into the state, something that is still in the preliminary stages.

To steal a quote from Mugatu, “You’ve been around for ages and ages…and I never wanted anything from you. And here in Massachusetts, we can’t have you. It’s funny how it switches like that. But now the forbidden fruit must be tasted!”

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(Update)There’s no such thing as craft beer, only crap beer.



To everything there is a season — a phrase that applies especially to beer.

And on Saturday, around 20 craft brewing companies are bringing the season’s best bounty to the table at the Second Annual Lowell Brew Fest sponsored by Major’s Pub and the Athenian Corner restaurant.

“It’s the best time of year for brewers,” says Corey Belanger, event organizer and owner of Major’s Pub. “The beer is big on flavor and a lot of new things enter the mix, like Harpoon’s cider.”

Update: Apparently this event was like a month ago. Sue me. You can still drink craft beer, and you probably can still do it in the Athenian corner parking lot.

The biggest disservice to Craft Beer is calling it Craft Beer. There’s only good beer and bad beer. The reality is that brewing is on a totally different level than it was 20 years ago. Techniques, flavors, real capital investment, are among the many factors that are yielding much better beer. There’s a reason cans of Heady Topper are selling for $15 a can on Ebay…it’s a great beer.
Corey Belanger is right…you owe it to yourself to start diving into these flavors…even if you have to spend a $20 to hang out in the Athenian Corner parking lot for a night.

Good News for cider drinkers!!!

(lifted with love from the Lowell Sun)

BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts officials say some apple growers are reporting a strong crop and some above-average sized fruit as the picking season begins following a tough 2012.

The state says more than 100 varieties of apples are grown at the state’s roughly 370 apple farms. McIntosh, Gala and Cortland are among the most common.

Last year, New England had a dismal apple crop, after apple blossoms sprouted during a warm April then were killed off by a frost.

Read the full article here.  As someone who would drink ONLY Harpoon cider if I had one choice for the rest of my life this is excellent news.  Harpoon knows whats up.  Blend of local apples, check the ingredients: fermented apples and yeast.  The end.  No colors, perservatives, sulfites.  Bring it on!!!

I’ll have a ‘Gansett!

20130807-163332.jpgAnybody who knows me, knows I’m an old soul. If you sprinkle a little nostalgia on anything, I’m buying it. This vintage Jaws era Gansett can is no exception. The weird part is, I’m not old enough to know what the old Narragansett recipe tasted like, and I can think of 50 other beers I’d have off the tap before settle on this brew. But something tells me the minute I crack this can, I’m going for a ride back to the good ole’ days. Back when you can have 30 of these things and get a police escort home. Back when the Patriots were the doormat of the AFC. Back when you could smack your kids when they were acting like jackasses. Ahhhhhhh! Drink it in!