What are Lowellians Selling on Craigslist Today? (A house-load of optimism.)



Have 4 bedroom house with Parkin in front all done up inside have studio in back brings in 600 a month towards morgtatge real close to downtown Lowell Lowell is the next Cambridge with umass being division one school an buying everything an building and Lowell General doing same it’s most def good investment!!!

Sorry Teddy Panos, but we’re “the next Cambridge”, it says so right here on Craigslist.

Wow, and they call Chicago “The Windy City.” We’ve got: “The Next Cambridge.” “Umass D-1 an Buying everything an building.” ”Lowell General doing the same.” all in one clean and concise paragraph. Move over Corey Belanger, there’s a new purveyor of wicked awesome in town and he’s over on Pleasant Street spitting rhymes in his $600 a month “studio” (Yes, I called to confirm…music “studio”(mew-zak)), spreading the good word like the Mill City’s most devout profit. You may want to hold off on scraping off those bike lanes and moving that high school until you see this add removed from Craigslist. You never know who be “walkin” through that door next.

PS.  Hey Dick Howe Jr?  You have any stats on 54 Pleasant Street?  Because I think we’re about to break a record.

SOFC: Building the Bridge from “Old Lowell” to “New Lowell”

20130731-070636.jpgFrom Howl Mag’s LiveFeed

These days you can find just about anything on your smart phone and now you can add local art to the list.

A newly launched app by the Lowell Art Collective places the city’s galleries, museums and artist studios conveniently into the palm of your hand.

“If you’re not familiar with Lowell, finding where all the art is can be kind of like a treasure hunt,” says Coleman Rogers, a Lowell photographer who put the new “m’app” mobile app together.

The Lowell arts m’app connects users to more than two dozen local art destinations and also provides a description of galleries along with maps, hours of operation, phone numbers and web links.

Nothing separates “New Lowell” from “Old Lowell” quite like the Lowell Art Collectives’s new IPhone App. Not so much for our overall indifference towards local (or any) arts, but more lack of any connection whatsoever to our “Old Lowell” world. It just seems like my place here to offer a couple critiques.

For one, distances to galleries are useless unless they’re measured in “Distance From Molly Kay’s (DFMK).”
Among my tribe, your far more likely to hear “Let’s get cocked and go look at Art” than, “Let’s go look at Art.” I don’t know the first thing about coding apps, but this but seems like a quick, obvious fix to me.

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