Adam vs. the Man

Adam Kokesh has been arrested again.  His latest act of civil disobedience (remember when that was cool from 2001-2008?) is shown above where he looks to load a shotgun in the “Freedom Plaza” in DC.  Well a couple of days later “A U.S. Park Police SWAT team and other officers knocked on the door of his single-family home on a quiet Herndon cul-de-sac, then kicked the door in and tossed a flash grenade into the foyer as police helicopters whirled overhead, his roommates said.

The rabble-rouser and Iraq war veteran who promised “we will not obey” on the video and has advocated for overthrow of the government “by whatever means necessary” was removed in handcuffs and charged with possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms while possessing a firearm, according to court papers. His housemates allege that they were mistreated by police, who they say used too much force.” according to the article linked below.

Oh by the way the DC police were kind enough to block off the street and tip the media off (allegedly) before having him do the perp walk out of his house.  He’s been an outspoken critic of this administration and I wonder why David Gregory wasn’t arrested after he went on Meet the Press with a large capacity magazine which is also illegal in DC?  (Hi to the NSA analyst reading this blog.  Go get some water.  Have a great weekend.  Hugs, Mark)  This isn’t Kokesh’s first scrap in DC.  A couple of years back he was arrested for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial.  He was also recently arrested at a pro marajuna rally for possession even after they patted him down and found nothing.  He was still held overnight. 

While I don’t agree with everything Kokesh says or does I wonder if speaking out against those in power is enough to get you harassed and arrested are the Alex Jones types on to something?

Complete article here.