Back Off in #Haiku, Day 1 (February 9, 1993)


[Please note: I went to the library to find out when Backtalk started. It was February 9, 1993. I’ve got some catching up to do.]

Saved from heart attack.
By off-duty EMT.
World needs more like them.

Gays in armed forces?
Why does Clinton care ’bout that?
Bigger issues now.

Most folks don’t want gays.
Why should armed forces take them?
Leave the ban in place.

Clinton got this wrong.
How can anyone approve?
Swear that dude is high.

18 to get pierced.
But not to get abortions.
Blood stained President.

Ignored procedures.
Cost Lowell Defense building
Manager blew it.

Billerica sewage.
Not ev’rybody gets it.
But we all must pay.

Slow police response.
Wouldn’t happen with more cops.
Hours go by slowly.

Don’t change the charter.
Certain officials want that.
Let people decide.