Ladies and Gentlemen TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb!!!!

Tomorrow the wife and myself along with the rest of our Team crew is traveling over two hours south west to Southwick, MA for the 2013 Rugged Maniac New England.  It takes place on a motocross course and is by far and away my favorite race of the season.  Why you ask?  A) the course is fun as hell B) Harpoon is the presenting sponsor and their cider is on tap!!! C) I don’t have to drive so I’m day drinking like a MoFo. D) TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb are the best band you’ve never heard of.  Up until the Maniac last year I’d never heard of them either.  This year after the release of their first album “Manufactured Joy” which is in heavy rotation on my ipod/phone/youtube channel btw, they are back!!!  Check out that little kid rocking out.  That’s the power of TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb.  Ned, we gotta get a SofFC night at the Backpage and get these guys up to Lowell.     Pronto



(Bonus Kong)

New Mexicans are Savages!!!

Look we’ve all been there.  You’re out running errands and you gotta pull in to the nearest fast food place and use the restroom. 


Or you’re running a 10K and 3 miles in you start looking for places to pull over and water a tree or bush or if your lucky the nearest porta potties on the route.  But this nasty bitch?  Out for a morning run and she just drops a deuce on this guys house.  Multiple times!  I’m guessing “Bobby” knows this savage and did her wrong somehow.  Didn’t call her after the one night stand?  Broke it off in highschool?  Whatever it is I’m sure she has a really good reason she’s doing her best impression of a dog on his house.  I can’t imagine not wiping and finishing my run.  This chick is brutal.