Just in time for the evening commute….. (YouTube Gold)

Keep your head on a swivel intrepid readers.

A little lesson in humility by Fook’n Noel Gallagher

If only we could all go back an add DVD Commentary on various events in our lives, and if we could, I doubt anyone would be as honest as Noel Gallagher. I’d love to be able to go back and carve the 7th/8th grade version of myself. Cluelessly rolling through the hallways of the Sullivan School and Austin Prep on the three pearl jam shirt rotation, convinced that the key to getting girls to like you was a sweet pair of kicks. “Fook’n dreadful.”

Belated Happy 65th Birthday to the greatest lead singer of the 80’s


Missed posting this yesterday but Steve Perry just turned 65 years young yesterday.  Some of my favorite songs to listen to are sung by this man with the sweetest voice and the most supremely crafted mullet in the business.  Below is one of my favorites and the movie Vision Quest freaking rules.  So picking this song for this post was a no brainer.  Not to mention I’m competing in the NAGA New England Championships this weekend time to get amped!!!

Pork…… Wha!?! (YouTube Gold)

First off, when I’m big time and making the big time money I’m going to a tailor and telling them I want the “Steve Harvey special”.  The length on that coat is outstanding.  Second gotta love that she spelled loin L-I-O-N which last I checked is a different animal then Pork AKA P-I-G.  Just putting a beat down on the english language.  Also has there ever been a time in Family Feud history where instead of yelling “GOOD ANSWER” a family member just looks at the offending dummy and called them a moron or something?  How has this not happened yet?  Cupine is a great answer.  Clearly this kid got an A in creative writing and a “gentleman’s C” in art class for eating all the extra paste.