A lifetime of information in 7:05 of internet time.

Count me as one of the guys that has said “If I could only go back in time with the knowledge and experience that I have now.” Well, that was before I saw this video. Not since UPS built a two year add campaign on the shoulders of a guy with a hockey mullethas anyone captivated me more in front of a white board. Just amazing stuff.

PS. Just keep in mind, in order for all these zones to work, we’re going to need a few gentleman to operate solely in the “No-Go” Zone. It’s not a graph or chart rule, it’s a rule of nature. So if you’re hanging out in the Fun-Zone and you’re not quite feeling it, there’s nothing wrong with you. We’re just going to need you to put on a helmet and be brave.

Double PS. I agree with him on “Tiffany’s.” They’re all crazy.

Triple PS. Hairdressers are supposed to be crazy. That’s what makes dropping north of $20 for a haircut worth it.

“Summertime is Great” just nuked LFO’s “Summer Girls.”

As far as I’m concerned, LFO’s “Summer Girls” was the most prolific summer jam ever.  Whether you liked it or not…it was infectious.  It paired perfectly with a Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and cargo shorts.  It owned the podium all to itself…well until this little ditty was uploaded onto the intahhh-net.

Summertime is Great?…You bet it is.

PS.  Is that @pistoffirishman enjoying the beach splendor with his shoes and socks on?


Double PS-  Power Pleats…whoah baby!


It’s Girl Scout cookie season… keep your head on a swivel (YouTube Gold)

Very rude indeed.  It’s not all samoas, thin mints, and smiles during cookie season.  Let this be a lesson to girl scouts in the valley.  Make sure you keep your cookie money jar away from cookie monsters. 

Are you thinking the same racist thought I am?

…that all black guys suck at color commentary on self-shot camera videos? Just an endless chain of “Yo? “Ohhhhhhhs!”and “Yeah!Yeah’s! Yo!” “Hold up! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHhhhhh!” “Uhh Ohhhhh! Yoooooooooo! “ It doesn’t matter if it’s a brawl on World Star Hip Hop or a clearly under-supervised and under-medicated child at Chuck’E Cheese. Like come on bro, if you’re going to post 5:00 videos, don’t make us work so hard.

A little lesson in humility by Fook’n Noel Gallagher

If only we could all go back an add DVD Commentary on various events in our lives, and if we could, I doubt anyone would be as honest as Noel Gallagher. I’d love to be able to go back and carve the 7th/8th grade version of myself. Cluelessly rolling through the hallways of the Sullivan School and Austin Prep on the three pearl jam shirt rotation, convinced that the key to getting girls to like you was a sweet pair of kicks. “Fook’n dreadful.”

Belated Happy 65th Birthday to the greatest lead singer of the 80’s


Missed posting this yesterday but Steve Perry just turned 65 years young yesterday.  Some of my favorite songs to listen to are sung by this man with the sweetest voice and the most supremely crafted mullet in the business.  Below is one of my favorites and the movie Vision Quest freaking rules.  So picking this song for this post was a no brainer.  Not to mention I’m competing in the NAGA New England Championships this weekend time to get amped!!!