Ned of Mrmillcity: The former Dread Pirate Roberts of Chief among Ned varied interests are long walks on the beach chased with cups of warm apple cider, and brutal Ben Harper songs. Or at least those are the things that he would enjoy if he ever got off the Internet.
Twitter: @mrmillcity

Mahk Lynch: Mark is our Sheriff of Bullshit. He monitors our comings and goings from the summit of Christian Hill, like it is Sim City with the disaster mode on.
Twitter: @mahklynch

Dan Tobin: aka Tobes, and/or the Arch Duke of Belvidere. Born a Belvideresman, raised a Belvideresman…living as a Belvideresman. Loves Lowell a little bit more than the next guy, and never shuts up about it. He’ll probably ruin any chance of running for City Council by participating in this forum…but that’s ok because his wife will talk him into moving someplace else before that time comes anyway.
Twitter: @therealdantobin

Frank McCabe: Curator of the Can I be Frank be Frank? blog, Frank makes an occasional appearance as our resident Guest Blogger.  Remember to follow the Can I Be Frank Facebook page as well as on Twitter @fhmccabe.  More nonsense on the Can I Be Frank radio show Friday’s at 11:00AM on 980 WCAP

Steve Albert: Ratbas (aka Steve Albert) is a Lowell native. He doesn’t care how they do things in Pelham or Carlisle. He doesn’t care how they do things in Kittery or South Attleboro. He’s from Lowell, for Lowell. And in Lowell the haiku poetry form is strictly 5/7/5. We don’t need a kigo or a kireji. We don’t need “experts” like Basho and Onitsura telling us how to do things. We know what kind of haiku works best for Lowell.


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