Back Off in #Haiku. Dec 14-19, 2015


[Please note: These haiku are translated from angry anonymous messages published in a newspaper in the general northeast corner of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (USA). The Sons of Franky Cabot are not responsible for whatever the point of the original messages might have been.

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Not there when the kids do well.
Praise should be given.

A wrong committed.
Not a gravy train given.
They are not the same.

Pipelines increase costs.
Monopoly grows stronger.
Need to grow options.

Guns aren’t invading.
Very religious folks are.
Vote accordingly.


Can’t take refugees.
Too many of us homeless.
Take care of ours first.

Raises to the rich.
But no money for sick time.
Makes me feel queasy.

Stop destroying Earth.
God wants us to care for it.
Only one we get.

I’ll agree with him.
But only on that one point.
Confusion sets it.


Half a million.
Americans killed by guns.
4k by Muslims.

Detours would be nice.
All parades should have a few.
Really would help out.

Local term limits.
I would like to see her go.
But votes keep coming.

Prez lets in the worst.
Open door for gang bangers.
No more of this man.


It’s a lovely town.
Random gifts for all seniors.
Shirley you’re awesome.

Veterans need help.
I support women’s shelters.
But there are more men.

Stop teaching Islam.
Kids don’t need to learn ’bout it.
Teach kids about Christ.

Computer hackers.
Should use their powers for good.
Not pornography.


Detail officer.
Saw one directing traffic.
Pretty impressive.

Students paying more.
Administrators got raise.
Greed can be painful.

Teachers get too much.
Small towns can’t afford such things.
There are roads to build.

You math is faulty.
A twentieth is not half.
Nothing to notice.

Taxable land gone.
College buys more property.
Tax base eroded.

Lanes made too narrow.
Snow banks will increase problems.
Foresight avoided.


Ban water bottles.
Enough to circle the Earth.
They’re going nowhere.

College needs to pay.
Taking too much of the town.
Burden dropped on us.

Report took a while.
Should have happened much faster.

Black lives might matter.
All guns might be dangerous.
But abortion’s cool?

High school is filthy.
How did things get so horrid?
Hire some janitors.

Need forced birth control.
Mandatory intrusions.
On top of abuse.

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