Back Off in #Haiku. Nov 23-28, 2015


[Please note: These haiku are translated from angry anonymous messages published in a newspaper in the general northeast corner of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (USA). The Sons of Franky Cabot are not responsible for whatever the point of the original messages might have been.]


Ship all these bastards.
Useless and corrupt to boot.
Mistakes have been made.

Follow your money.
Taxes spent on bad programs.
Changes are needed.

He lied ’bout healthcare.
Won’t trust him on refugees.
Killers will sneak in.

Dems just give stuff out.
JFK told them “Ask not…”
Make this country great.


Spread fear like herpes.
Don’t really care who they hurt.
Right is good at that.

You’ll all get herpes!
Potential is ev’rything!
Marines should know this.

We need a new Prez.
I do not like this person.
He is not that good.

Romney would be nice.
Instead an ass hat now runs.
Dumb clueless ass hat.

Can’t judge anyone.
Not until you’re in their shoes.
Love my foot fetish.


Give me a damn raise.
I haven’t worked in decades.
And I didn’t save.

Dude’s fuggin’ brilliant.
Like right up there with Trumpster.
I’m writing him in.

John Kerry just sucks.
Seth Moulton equally bad.
I hate veterans.

There’s more terrorists.
Many of them speak English.
You can report that.

Kendall and Rodney.
Such close tight friendly buddies.
Ken should run next time.


Begging to be robbed.
Don’t leave purses out open.
Thieves can strike quick.

Refugees hide scum.
They are from cultures of hate.
Doors should remain shut.

Mercier and Rourke.
Got the high school roof repaired.
A job done quickly.

Pipeline will save us.
Beef eagles just keep whining.
These are good people.

Respect privacy.
Salaries aren’t your concern.
Don’t create targets.


Letter from Blossom.
A well-written joy to read.
Keep up the good work.

Lot of hate for Vets.
Seems to be coming from Right.
Pretty disgusting.

Tsongas out of touch.
Her lockstep differs from mine.
Supposed to lead right.

Shawsheen Tech freshmen.
Undefeated football team.
Great job getting there.

Headlights at all times.
Factories should make it so.
Folks get forgetful.


Look in the mirror.
Understand you’re a failure.
Clueless management.

Rodney will be missed.
Unless he forgets to leave.
Deer in a spotlight.

Fashion designers.
Not relevant to fashion.
Photos should be cropped.

Insult my city.
We hardly get attention.
We have losers too.

We are all sinners.
But at least we’re not creepy.
Your ways are messed up.

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