Back Off in #HAiku. 8/31-9/4/15


[Please note: These haiku are translated from angry anonymous messages published in a newspaper in northeast Massachusetts, USA. The Sons of Franky Cabot are not responsible for whatever the point of the original messages might have been.]


I don’t see cyclists.
Sit watching this road all day.
Never seen a one.

Crosswalks need painting.
School is about to begin.
Job remains undone.

Dogs sleep in their mess.
No overnight shelter help.
That gets in their fur.

Brave Americans.
Train in France had some issues.
Gratitude expressed.

World terrorism.
Coming soon due to The Prez.
Promises he’ll keep.

Cop double standards.
I can’t just kiss a stranger.
I’m kinda jealous.


Learn to speak English.
At least for when you’re in court.
Seems important there.

Time marches onward.
One man’s passing changes all.
Free rides are one-way.

A common problem.
Then selectively enforced.
Sucks to be that guy.

Support profiling.
Makes things so much easier.
Start with the gun nuts.


Team should start from scratch.
Hazing needs to go away.
Two year suspension.

Bunch of welfare cheats.
I’m the only one paying.
Thanks to Obama.

Farm stand took over.
That isn’t their property.
Call the manager.

There’s a guy with paint.
He’d love to help us all out.
But whiners all whine.


Obama’s silent.
Lots of people are dying.
Not that I’d listen.

School starts today.
Unless you’re in this city.
Classes in July.

Warren and Biden.
She’s lies almost worse than Trump.
Don’t trust her at all.


Neighborhood schools work.
Increase your security.
Kids know each other.

Israel’s an ally.
The Prez turned his back on them.
Black guy needs to go.

Horses are needy.
I always took care of mine.
State did the right thing.

I work for this town.
Can’t treat people like cops do.
Answer the damn phone.


Schools all together.
Traffic is a cluster fug.
Busses for five blocks.

Baker took pictures.
Put soldiers in the middle.
Thought that was classy.

Teach turning signals.
Might have to put your phone down.
Only for a sec.

Lady at ballpark.
Sueing over a foul bowl.
Where a mask next time.

Cops shot all the time.
President remains silent.
Renaming mountains.

You can have painter.
Let him do all your crosswalks.
Just take him away.

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